Mike Tyson Says His Daughter Convinced Him to Confront Boosie's Homophobia

Mike Tyson Maintains His Daughter Convinced Him Boosie’s Homophobia

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“I Had Been Boosie at a Single time”

That is Mike Tyson describing why he felt forced to face rapper Boosie Badazz within his background of homophobic comments… stating he understands what it is like to move from dumb to informed.

Tyson got directly to the stage with Boosie through a recent meeting of his tradition,”Hotboxin’ using Mike Tyson”… condemning Boosie’s offensive remarks concerning Dwyane Wade‘s kid Zaya, that recently came out as a transgender woman.

Through the podcast, Tyson pushed Boosie on where his hatred was coming from — questioning whether Boosie’s aggression stems out of his own doubts about his or her sexuality.

It was a powerful moment that appeared to have quieted with Boosie… and Tyson was cheered for how he managed it.

However, Tyson informs”TMZ Live” the dialogue probably would not have occurred if it were not for his daughter who told that the boxing superstar why Boosie had to be put directly.

“My girl,” Tyson said…”She flew all the way in New York City to Los Angeles, California where I am at only to be there since she believed Boosie was disrespectful she needed to face him.”

Yeah, you read right — Tyson’s kid needed to be the only one to really go after Boosie, but Mike would not permit it.

Rather, Mike listened to exactly what his union had to state and finally thought she made some strong points.

Mike stated his daughter contended that Boosie’s remarks were”disrespectful to the neighborhood” — and that she had been excited about facing himmike was worried things could move off the rails.

“However he ran as a gentleman,” Tyson said concerning Boosie…”It sounded fine. It did not seem like I expected it to proceed. My girl has a great deal of stuff and courage.”

Currently, Tyson says he is rooting for Boosie to develop in their dialog and also”win the struggle over those demons”

There is more… Tyson additionally clarified to Harvey and Charles why he chose to create a boxing comeback and he calls”PAIN” because of his forthcoming competition Roy Jones Jr. if they struggle at Staples Center on Nov. 28.

As for your idea that Tyson and Jones Jr. would probably be taking it easy on each other,” Mike encouraged Harvey to the ring to take Roy’s position… and also you have ta visit Harvey’s response! Timeless!!!

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