Mike Pouncy Incredible Transformation: How He Shed 70 Pounds after Retirement from NFL?

mike pouncey weight loss

A lot of things are done together by Mike and Maurkice Pouncey.

The identical twins were both selected in the first round of their respective NFL Drafts, they both played center, they retired at the same time, and now they have both successfully finished a trip to reduce their body fat together.

Both Mike and Maurkice Pouncey played in the National Football League at weights that hovered just below the 300-pound limit. On Thursday, Mike made the announcement that both he and his partner had shed 70 pounds since leaving the football field. Mike has a current weight of 228 pounds, and he claims that the key to successfully reducing weight is “to quit eating like a lineman.”

mike pouncey weight loss

Mike, who was celebrating his retirement with the Miami Dolphins, reportedly added, “I feel amazing.” “That was the same thing as you know, both my brother and I retired at the same time. The majority of the time, when we become so used to being in a routine, we must challenge ourselves by saying things like, “Let’s drop this weight and see how quickly we can accomplish it.”

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They constantly inquire, “What kind of food do you folks eat?” and I respond with the phrase “Like rabbits.” They ask, “What do you mean?” (What do you mean?). and I respond by saying, “Oh, back when we were playing, we gorged ourselves like pigs.”

When the Pittsburgh Steelers selected Maurkice 18th overall in the NFL Draft in 2010, he became the first player in his family to play in the National Football League. He played center with the Steelers for the whole of his 11-year career and is widely recognized as one of the top centers in the NFL over the course of the past decade. Maurkice was selected for the Pro Bowl nine times and made first-team All-Pro thrice in his career.


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The Miami Dolphins picked Mike in the 15th spot in the overall draught for the NFL in 2011. Before signing with the Los Angeles Chargers and playing for them for three years, Mike played for the Miami Dolphins for seven years, during which time he was selected for the Pro Bowl three times. After playing one more season with the Chargers, he was selected for the Pro Bowl before announcing his retirement in 2021 alongside Maurkice.

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On Thursday, Mike put his retirement from the Dolphins on official record by signing a one-day contract to end his career with the team.

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