Mieruko Chan Episode 4 Spoilers, Recap,, Release Date and Time

Based on the manga of the same name, Mieruko Chan is an ongoing anime series currently in its first season. It centers on the high school girl Miko who learns the ability to see ghosts and her life becomes accommodated with these terrible beings.

Miko tries to keep composure and remain calm when confronted with ghosts so that they don’t realize she could see them. This potentially puts her into some hilarious circumstances which make the show a pretty good watch. Let’s talk about Mieruko Chan episode 4 spoilers, release date, and time.

Mieruko Chan Episode 4 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date and Time
Mieruko Chan Episode 4 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date and Time

Mieruko Chan Episode 3 Recap

In Mieruko Chan’s episode 3 recap, Miko and Hana go outside for the new year festival. Miko hopes that ghosts will atleast leave her alone for this day. However, she spots a ghost in the sky flying a kite.

Ghost in the Restaurant

Miko boards a bus to reach a restaurant and wait for Hana. On the bus, many ghosts come behind her and start asking her questions. She tries to keep her composure but in the fear misses her stop. When the ghosts leave she cries.

After reaching the restaurant, a guy mistakes that Miko is staring at him. But in reality, she stares at the ghost standing beside the guy. The guy tries to approach her but Hana arrives and she leaves with her. The guy’s girlfriend also arrives with many ghosts behind her back.

Godmother’s Defeat

In the market, Miko purchases a bracelet to prevent ghosts. Initially, it works on the few however, one of the stronger ghosts shatters it. She then arrives at Godmother’s store to purchase a stronger bracelet for protection.

The Godmother finds out that Miko can see ghosts and applauds her bravery for remaining calm and composed. She then gives her the most strong bracelet but that too shatters away. After swallowing defeat, she closes her shop and returns to her village.

Mieruko Chan Episode 4 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date and Time
Godmother’s Defeat

Mieruko Chan Episode 4 Spoilers

In Mieruko Chan episode 4 spoilers, Miko has a wet dream and she takes hickeys in it. Her brother Kyousuke arrives in her room to wake her up. He asks him if she had a wet dream and she immediately kicks him out of her room.

Ghost in the Bathroom

After consulting with his friends, Kyousuke concludes that Miko might have a boyfriend. He decides to follow her into the library. Miko reads a book and suddenly spots a ghost on the bookshelf. Kyousuke inspects the book she was reading earlier.

Miko then takes a bath and a ghost appears in the corner of the bathroom. She tries to go out but Kyousuke barges in to ask to bathe together. Miko tells him she will rub his back. He then asks Miko if she has a boyfriend.

Trouble in the Alley

Miko goes to a vending machine to buy some juice. When she inserts a coin, a tiny ghost steals and takes it into an alley. Miko follows him into the alley and there spots a giant ghost. She tries to keep a poker face and pick up the coin.

When she gets close to a coin, a crow picks it up and runs away. Miko sighs in relief that she won’t have to come near that ghost. When she arrives home, Kyousuke asks her if she brought the drink. She tells him that her money got stolen.

Mieruko Chan Episode 4 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date and Time
Trouble in the Alley

Mieruko Chan Episode 4 Watch Online

Mieruko Chan episode 4 is available to watch online on YouTube. It is free to stream on the Muse Asia channel.

Mieruko Chan Episode 4 Release Date and Time

Here is Mieruko Chan episode 4 release date and time.

  • Japan – 10:00 PM, October 24th
  • USA/Canada – 8:00 AM, October 24th
  • India – 6:30 PM, October 24th
  • UK – 2:00 PM, October 24th
  • Europe (CES) – 3:00 PM, October 24th

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