Mieruko Chan Episode 2 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time

Mieruko Chan Episode 2 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time
Mieruko Chan Episode 2 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time

Based on the manga of the same name, Mieruko Chan is ongoing manga series currently in its first season. Its story revolves around a high school student Miko who starts seeing ghosts and spirits. Not knowing how to respond to them, she starts ignoring them.

The ghosts occupy her everywhere, wherever she goes. In school, in her house, bedroom, bathroom, she sees them everywhere. However, it still doesn’t stop her from pretending to not see them. It’s a funny and exciting story that puts Mieruko in awkward situations. Let’s talk about Mieruko Chan episode 2 spoilers, recap, release date, and time.

Mieruko Chan Episode 2 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time

Mieruko Chan Episode 1 Recap

In Mieruko Chan episode 1 recap, In Mieruko Chan episode 1 spoilers, Miko is waiting for the bus after the end of school. It’s pouring rain outside and she has gotten wet. Out of the blue, a ghost spirit appears in front of her asking if she could see it.

Miko’s New Life

Miko pretends to not see the ghost and doesn’t show any expression of fear. She takes a look into her cell phone and ignores the ghost. After reaching home, she thinks about the earlier incident. While brushing her teeth, another ghost appears in front of her.

 She still doesn’t react and the ghost leaves. Miko takes the salt out and puts it just outside of the door. She searches about Exorcism on the internet. While going to bed, she sees another ghost under her blanket. The salt doesn’t work and just like on previous occasions, she ignores the spirit.

Miko New Life

Next Day

The next day, while walking in the school, Hana comes from behind and surprises Miko. A ghost of a girl comes out of the window and gets right in front of her. Hana can’t see it, it’s only Miko who can do so.

While changing in the change room, Hana tells Miko about the scary show she watched another day. She asks her to open the closet as a ghost head might appear in it. Just like she speculated, when Miko opens the door, a face sits right in the corner. But like always, Miko ignores it and doesn’t pay any attention to its presence.

Mieruko Chan Episode 2 Spoilers

In Mieruko Chan episode 2 spoilers, in the classroom, ghost hands come from below her desk and engulf her body. Miko sees them and takes Hana out of the class in hopes that the ghost will leave her. However, it accompanies her even outside.

Visit Infirmary

Miko decides to take Hana to the infirmary. Even there, the ghost keeps on touching all parts of her body. Miko takes out the stethoscope to check the heartbeat but the ghost doesn’t leave her. She takes a look at disinfecting and thinks that spraying it at ghosts may make it go away.

She tries it but the situation gets even worse as a head appears from it. It once again starts engulfing the entire body of Hana with its hand. It then gets to Miko and starts doing the same. Fortunately, the doctor arrives and because of her perfume, it leaves.

New Cat

The next day, Miko goes to market with Hana. She accidentally stands in the wrong line that ghosts occupy. Later on, Hana buys some food. She also spots a homeless cat and decides to adopt it. However, her landlord doesn’t allow it.

A scary-looking man approaches them to take the cat. At first, they decline but when Miko sees the spirits of a cat playing around a man, she decides to give him the cat. Later, we find that man has taken care of many cats in the past and even the deceased ones love him.

New Cat

Mieruko Chan Episode 2 Watch Online

To stream Mieruko Chan episode 2, you’ll need to subscribe to a platform called Funimation. Over there, you’ll be able to watch all of its episodes.

Mieruko Chan Episode 2 Release Date and Time

Here is Mieruko Chan’s episode 2 release date and time.

  • Japan – 10:00 PM, October 10th
  • USA/Canada – 8:00 AM, October 10th
  • India – 6:30 PM, October 10th
  • UK – 2:00 PM, October 10th
  • Europe (CES) – 3:00 PM, October 10th

What is causing Miko to see these ghosts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. For more updates, don’t forget to follow us on social media.

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