Midnight In The Switchgrass Ending Explained – Who Was The Killer?

Directed by Randall Emmett and based on the infamous serial killer from Texas, Midnight in the Switchgrass is an American crime thriller film. It stars Megan Fox in the lead role while Emile Hirsch, Bruce Willis, Lukas Haas, and Colson Baker act in supporting roles. The plot of the movie follows the case of Texas’ most heinous serial killer.

It is a simple and linear movie with some good performance from the actors. In the movie, a Texas ranger Byron teams up with a pair of FBI agents to track down Truck Stop Killer. Their attempts to apprehend this notorious person are full of hurdles. However, in the end, they successfully manage to capture this serial killer and provide justice to the families of the deceased.

The end of the movie was enthralling and involved some good action. If you weren’t able to capture the last moments of the film, we are here for you. Let’s discuss Midnight in the Switchgrass ending explained.

Midnight In The Switchgrass Ending Explained – Who Was The Killer?

Midnight in the Switchgrass Plot

The movie is set in the year 2004 in the city of Pensacola. The narrator describes in the opening scene that in this city, you don’t get to decide whether you’ll be predator or prey. The news of a 16-year-old girl being missing surfaces around and the police start their investigation.

A few days later, a guy discovers the body of the 20-year-old female. After Texas ranger Byron starts his investigation, he finds that the body belonged to Sarah Kellogg. Meanwhile, the FBI agents, Karl and Rebecca are on the cusp of busting a sex traffic scandal. However, their attempts go all in vain when they discover they had a false perpetrator.

Byron realizes that the missing girl and the death of Sarah are interconnected. They became prey to Truck Stop Killer. Through a turn of events, the FBI agents and Byron come across each other and decide to investigate this serial killer.

Chase for Truck Stop Killer

After some investigation and deduction, Byron came forward with the idea that these murders were done by the infamous Truck Stop Killer. He has been chasing this person for quite some time. Rebecca complies with this notion and implies that their sex trafficking case is somewhat connected to this.

To track down this killer, Rebecca had devised a plan. She started to communicate with this user named “BigRigGlory” and posed as a prostitute. She had set the meeting of place at The Oasis Motel to capture him.

Did Rebecca Catch Him?

Unfortunately, she was unable to catch the killer. Before she reached it, the killer met another prostitute in his way and killed her. This hurt Rebecca since she felt responsible for her death. She decided to meet Truck Stop Killer again and this time with firm determination to catch him.

Midnight in the Switchgrass Ending Explained – Who was the Killer?

Midnight in the Switchgrass Ending Explained – Who was the Killer?

This time, Rebecca set the meeting place at The Handlebar. After a while she was visited by Peter Hillsborough, the serial killer they were chasing. However, she couldn’t do anything since he drugged her and took her to his shack.

Byron did some investigation and found that the person who abducted Rebecca was Peter Hillsborough. He tried to match the identity of this from the killer and everything was spot on. Peter had brought Rebecca to his home where the missing girl was also present. The girl successfully escaped, leaving Rebecca alone.

In the last moments, a fight breaks out, and just when Peter is about to choke Rebecca to death, Byron arrives and saves her. They capture the infamous killer and stop the string of these murders.

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Midnight in the Switchgrass Trailer
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