Mictic is the world’s first wearable music instrument

Mictic is the world’s first wearable music instrument
Mictic is the world’s first wearable music instrument

Mictic is an XR wearable that turns gestures and movements into sound without considering whether the user is a professional musician or has never picked up a musical instrument ever. It translates the gestures and movements into musical tones and sound effects in real-time. According to the latest news, the Mictic has started its Kickstarter campaign.

The campaign says, “We’re coming to change your relationship to music. Mictic is the Swiss-made XR wearable that turns your movements into sound. It doesn’t matter if you already have a Grammy or have never picked up a musical instrument, with Mictic you’ll be expressing yourself the minute you put the wristbands on and connect via Bluetooth.”

Mictic is the world’s first wearable music instrument
Mictic wristband lets you play any musical instrument

The Mictic claims to be the world’s first wearable device that is a true musical instrument. Unlike other instruments, it is just a controller. The Mictic wristbands translate your arm movements into instrument sounds like the electric guitar, drums, cello, and genre-based soundscapes like EDM and hip-hop.

The wearable band contains sensors. These sensors detect movement and motion with supreme precision and high accuracy. Users will be able to connect the sensors with their smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). All they have to do is strap Mictic to their wrists and connect it with a smartphone via Bluetooth.

In simple words, they have to pair their wearable band with the Mictic App. After this, from the app, the user will be able to choose their favourite musical instrument and enjoy the sound.

Mictic is the world’s first wearable music instrument
Mictic wearable that lets you play musical instrument

The best part is the interface is easy to use and you don’t have to be a professional musician to use Mictic. It can literally be used by just anyone and everyone. Mictic says, “Our mission is to give everyone the power to express themselves no matter what kind of music they enjoy, and whether they are already Grammy-winners, or have had no training at all. Mictic can be used for any age range and you really don’t have to be a musician to enjoy it.”

In the first version of the app, the following music instruments, sound scapes, and games are supported:

Mictic Instruments

  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Electric Guitar
  • Cello
  • Drums
  • Violin

Sound Scapes

  • Hip Hop
  • Trap
  • Latin
  • EDM
  • Rock


  • Kung Fu
  • Robot
  • Safari / Zoo
  • Lightsaber
  • Tennis

The company has planned to integrate more features after the initial launch. If you are interested in this wearable musical instrument then you can check out its Kickstarter campaign.

Mictic Wearable Musical Instrument

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