Microsoft is upgrading xCloud and working on an Xbox app for TVs

Microsoft is upgrading xCloud and working on an Xbox app for TVs
Microsoft is upgrading xCloud and working on an Xbox app for TVs

According to the latest news, Microsoft is working with TV manufacturers to make an Xbox app, Xbox Game Pass. The company is willing to bring this service to TVs through its xCloud streaming technology.

Liz Hamren, head of gaming experiences and platforms at Microsoft said, “We’re working with global TV manufacturers to embed the Game Pass experience directly into internet-connected TVs so all you’ll need to play is a controller.”

As of now, the company has not yet revealed when it will bring the Xbox app on the TVs. Previously, Xbox chief Phil Spencer hinted at an Xbox app for TVs by late last year. Interestingly, last year, Spencer also hinted at Microsoft’s own Xbox streaming stick. Hamren said, “We’re also developing standalone streaming devices that you can plug into a TV or monitor, so if you have a strong internet connection, you can stream your Xbox experience.”

Just like the TV app plans, Microsoft is not providing any finer details about the price and release timeline of its own Xbox streaming devices. This week, ahead of its E3 event, the company revealed these developments in a special press briefing. At its scheduled E3 showcase on 13h June, Microsoft will be focusing on games so it is unlikely that we will get to know any further details about the apps sometime soon.

It seems the expansion of the Xbox Game Pass to TVs is part of a broader effort by Microsoft to make its subscription service available beyond smartphones and Xbox consoles. Note that the company has announced upgrades to its xCloud server blades today. As per the announcement, from later this year, xCloud could be accessed on Xbox consoles.

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