Microsoft launches xCloud services xCloud and Xbox Remote Play on Windows

According to the latest news, Microsoft has announced its xCloud services, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and Xbox Remote Play. They are now available to everyone who has the Xbox app on Windows 10 (or 11). Last month, these features were rolled out on PC to Xbox Insiders as a beta. For handsets, they were available for quite some time now.

Xbox Cloud Gaming seems to be a natural fit for PCs that don’t have the power to run the games themselves. It has been available on Windows for a few months through web browsers. In order to use it, all you will need is a Bluetooth or USB controller and an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Note that Xbox Cloud Gaming is no longer exclusive to Windows Insiders. Microsoft has labeled the service as a beta.

Xbox Remote Play is a nice addition. It allows you to stream games from an Xbox Series S or X, or Xbox One to your Windows system. Microsoft said this feature is available either on your home network or remotely over the internet.

The company explained that users are likely to get better performance if the game is running locally on the same network. With these new services, Microsoft has added some features to Xbox Remote Play too. Microsoft said from now on, users will be able to stream games in 1080 pixel 60 fps.

Microsoft is expected to soon come out with a list of games that will be supported directly or through an update.

Michael Turner
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