Microsoft is constantly hinting at an October release for Windows 11

Microsoft is constantly hinting at an October release for Windows 11
Microsoft is constantly hinting at an October release for Windows 11

According to the latest news, once again, Microsoft hinted that it will release Windows 11 in the coming October. Last week, during its Windows event, Microsoft teased an October release several times. In one instance, a Microsoft Teams message said “excited to turn it up to 11… can’t wait for October!”

It is to be noted that Microsoft has officially said “holiday” for Windows 11 availability. However, the company’s official marketing material strongly hints at a 20th October release.

The Microsoft Teams message was from Stevie Bathiche, a key engineer on Surface devices to Panos Panay, Microsoft’s head of Windows and devices. It is not confirmed what significance the mentioned date is holding. For example, it could be the release date of Windows 11, it could be the release date of new Surface hardware, or it could also be a release date for both.

Officially, the company has only said Windows 11 will arrive in a “holiday”. The company hasn’t committed to a date or even a month. Insider reports are also indicating an October release for the OS.

Most press images for Windows 11 include the date of 20th October 11:11 AM in the taskbar. However, there is another marketing image that shows off 6th October.

Either way, whatever be the date, it is more or less confirmed that we can expect something from the company in October and the probability of it being the new OS, Windows 11 is higher. Apart from Microsoft, Walmart is also promising a “free Upgrade to Windows October 2021 when available” on several laptops. Note that Microsoft has promised to deliver Windows 11 as “a free upgrade for eligible Windows 10 PCs and on new PCs beginning this holiday.” so Walmart is also marketing an October release.

As of now, Microsoft has not fully clarified which machines will be eligible for the Windows 11 upgrade. Last week, it only released minimum acceptable specifications for the upgrade.

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