Microsoft is silently developing its ‘Cloud PC’ service by this fall

According to the latest news, Microsoft is getting closer to launch its Cloud PC desktop virtualization service. A new report suggests Microsoft is making moves toward revamping the Windows 10 app store.

Microsoft will most probably target its Cloud PC between late June to early July of 2021. There are rumours that the company will have its annual Inspire partner conference in mid-July. The company will obviously try to partner with vendors to sell its Cloud PC so this timing is very important.

Microsoft Cloud PC is codenamed as “Project Deschutes”. It is an Azure-powered service that will enable customers to use their own devices to remotely access a remote Windows desktop and use Microsoft software like Office. The company is planning to sell its Cloud PC as a managed Microsoft 365 experience. It will most probably charge a flat per-user price for the experience. If you are unaware of the Microsoft Azure platform then you can opt for an Azure online training to master the Azure cloud architecture.

Microsoft is silently developing its 'Cloud PC' service by this fall
Microsoft is silently developing its ‘Cloud PC’ service by this fall

Last year, a leak indicated that Microsoft might come up with a few different Cloud PC subscription plans like Medium, Heavy and Advanced. Each of these subscription plans will have different options of CPU, RAM, and storage.

Interestingly, a recent job posting on its career page lays out: “(The Cloud PC service) allows all users to be productive from anywhere, on any device with a cloud-powered, secure, and always up to date Windows experience. It also seamlessly allows endpoint managers to instantly provision cloud-hosted PCs and manage physical and virtual devices through a unified portal and a fixed and predictable price.”

Windows 10X is Microsoft’s upcoming Chrome OS complaint offering and according to rumours, it won’t support Win32 apps. So the company could also offer interesting offerings with its Cloud PC such as allowing customers with Windows 10X devices to run Win32 apps.

According to Windows Central, Microsoft might be planning a major overhaul of the Microsoft app store in Windows 10 alongside the “Sun Valley” UX refresh. According to the report, the company might add some of its own applications like Teams and Visual Studio in the revised Store.

Last but not the least, Microsoft might be moving toward dismantling Windows Store for Business and Education.

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