Michelle Obama Claims’This Is Not A Game’ Following Donald Trump Claims’That I Won The Election!’

Michelle Obama claims’This Is Not A Game’ Following Donald Trump Claims’that I Won The Election!’

Barack Obama has predicted Donald Trump several occasions as he will not concede after losing the election to Joe Biden.  Currently, Michelle Obama is connecting the dialogue.

Her message comes only hours after Donald Trump claims that he won the electiondespite not getting the required 270 electoral votes. Rather, his rival Joe Biden surpassed the number 306. His conversation was also flagged using all the caution:

“Election officers predicted this election otherwise”

Michelle Obama took into a lengthy article on Instagram Monday (Nov. 15th)to discuss her ideas.

She also shared with a photograph of her and Barack Obama which dates back for their last days at the White House at 2016. She started the caption by portraying Hillary Clinton’s reduction to Donald Trump the exact same calendar year.

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“Last week, I have been reflecting a lot on which I had been four decades back. Hilary Clinton had simply been dealt a difficult loss by a much nearer margin than the one we have seen this past year. I was frustrated and hurt –however the votes were counted and Donald Trump’d won. The people had talked”

Hillary Clinton

She proceeded to point out she and Barack Obama were deliberate about using a smooth transition before Donald Trump’s swearing at January 2017.

“And among the amazing responsibilities of this presidency would be to listen if they perform. My husband and I taught our staffs to perform exactly what George and Laura Bush had performed : run a respectful, smooth transition of energy –just one of the hallmarks of American democracy. We encouraged the people from your president-elect’s staff to our workplaces and ready detailed memos for these, offering what we had learned over the previous eight decades.”

She lasted:

“that I need to be fair and state that none of that was simple for me. Donald Trump had spread civic lies in my husband who had set my family at risk. That was not something that I was prepared to forgive. However, I understood , for the interest of our nation, I needed to get the maturity and strength to put my anger aside. I chased Melania Trump to the White House and spoke with her on my expertise, answering each question she’d –in the increased scrutiny that accompanies being First Lady into exactly what it is like to raise children in the White House.”

I knew in my heart that it was the ideal thing to dobecause our democracy is really much larger than anyone’s self.”

She stopped by urging all sides to admit the election results.

“Our beloved country needs us to honor the outcomes of an election when we do not like them wish it had gone otherwise –that the presidency does not belong to any 1 person or any 1 party. To pretend that it will, to play with all these groundless conspiracy theories–if for private or political advantage –will be to place our nation’s health and safety at risk. This is not a match. So I wish to urge all Americans, particularly our state’s leaders, irrespective of party, to honor that the electoral procedure and do what you can to promote a smooth transition of energy, as sitting presidents do throughout our history”

What would you consider that which Michelle Obama had to convey? Comment and tell us.

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