Michael Myers Returns in Chilling Halloween Kills Trailer

Michael Myers Returns at Chilling Halloween Kills Trailer

What is that? A terrifying tune playing in A small and becoming louder and louder with every passing moment? Lock your doors and stay indoors, because Michael Myers back in the trailer for Halloween Kills, and he is on a mission to get revenge. “After the sun sets and somebody is lonely, he kills,” the voiceover warns as Myers rip-off his notorious mask and puts out to terrorize another little city.

Halloween Kills is the sequel Halloween (2018) and marks that the 12th installation of the Michael Myers Halloween series. It sees that the ruthless serial killer because he lays out to reevaluate his revenge Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her family as soon as they abandoned him to perish. The movie, which was initially set to premiere on Oct. 16, was pushed back to Oct. 15 2021, and you may bet, we are going to be prepared.

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