Micah from ‘love Is Blind’ Would Have Said “Yes” to Paul’s Proposal: “I Required Confirmation He Did It for Him”

Micah from 'love Is Blind' Would Have Said "Yes" to Paul's Proposal: "I Required Confirmation He Did It for Him"

Micah Lussier knew she would say “yes” to Paul Peden on Love Is Blind if he reciprocated her feelings.

On Sunday’s Love Is Blind reunion, the exes affirmed that they continued dating after saying “no” at the altar and that they still have conflicting feelings about their wedding day.

The star of season 4 confessed she was prepared to say “I do” during their wedding, but gave Paul the floor first. Micah revealed with tears during Sunday’s Love Is Blind reunion, “I knew I was going to say yes.” “I didn’t want to spend the rest of our lives wondering if he would say yes, if he did it to avoid embarrassing me, or if he did it for himself.”

Paul affirmed in Sunday’s episode that he made the correct decision not to marry Micah.

Micah from 'love Is Blind' Would Have Said "Yes" to Paul's Proposal: "I Required Confirmation He Did It for Him"

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“Doing things like making decisions based on other people,” he said, “I truly believe that you should own your truth, as this is beneficial for both parties in a relationship.” So I do not believe I would have, but I also do not know how that feels. You know, to have your companion choose you, affirm you, and say “yes.” I do not know how that feels, so I cannot say. I cannot state with absolute certainty that it would not have altered my response.”

Paul also addressed a controversial statement he made during the series finale, in which he stated that he could not envision Micah as a mother. “I believe I expressed myself very unfairly towards her,” he said. “I do not believe it was indicative of her abilities or anything of the sort. I believe a more accurate statement would have been, “I don’t see us as parents because I couldn’t imagine myself as a father, just as I couldn’t imagine her as a mother.”

Micah stated that the comment made her feel “terrible.” “I felt it was the worst possible thing to say. Because, you know, you would have been a great mother and he knew how essential it was for me to be a mother, I believe he chose me. It’s something I’ve discussed since the pods, namely how essential my family was to me.”

Micah from 'love Is Blind' Would Have Said "Yes" to Paul's Proposal: "I Required Confirmation He Did It for Him"

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Micah also claimed that on an off-screen date, Paul expressed uncertainty about having children. She continued, “He asked me, ‘Well, what if I don’t want children in the future?'” “He brought it to me, and I was so distressed. As stated, you are aware of how essential this is to me. So it was surprising to hear him say that, as he has never said that to me before. I was unaware of it until after the ceremony.”

Zack Goynowski, a fellow Love Is Blind season 4 cast member, defended Paul despite Micah’s adamant belief that he and Paul had a future together. He charged Micah with having no intention of ever marrying Paul.

Paul and Micah confirmed they dated for a period of time after filming Love Is Blind and after leaving the altar. They have ended their relationship. Paul’s visit to Micah in Arizona, he said, “ended rather abruptly.”

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