Mets Thumbs Down Controversy- Francisco Lindor Apologize for Thumbs-Down Gesture Before Wild Win

mets thumbs down controversy

The Mets’ pious self-image is the funniest thing about them. They repeatedly emphasize that they are all about positivity and that anyone who doubts them or points out a flaw is a hater. They appear to believe that regardless of their performance, they are entitled to praise.

“Mets fans, believe in us and don’t just believe, know,” Pete Alonso said three weeks ago after the Mets dropped out of first place. “All we have to do now is smile and know that we’ve got this.”

The fans, for the most part, go along with it because they want to believe in Alonso and his talented teammates. But now it’s personal, and with the Mets’ roster infected with a resentful attitude, it was all but inevitable.

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mets thumbs down controversy

The Mets defeated a sickly Washington Nationals team that had been decimated by trades 9-4 on Sunday. After a 2-11 stretch against the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants that exposed them as pretenders, it gave them a series victory. They are on the verge of missing the playoffs for the fifth year in a row.

We’d probably still be talking about the black jerseys if the Mets were still in the first place. Because the focus of this debate isn’t on Báez or even the fans. It’s about the Mets’ 8-19 August record, and how they went from having a chance to win the division to being out of the race entirely in just four weeks. That’s why Cohen is slamming his teammates on social media. That’s why, when Daily News writer Deesha Thosar was chastised by Marcus Stroman for being negative about the Mets, Thosar was able to defend herself by saying she was reporting the truth about a disappointing team. That is why the crowd is booing. That is the primary source of the players’ dissatisfaction.

The Mets Had High Expectations for This Season

they have fallen short of them. Of course, everyone is annoyed. However, the intensity and breadth of that dissatisfaction did not have to reach the breaking point seen on Sunday.

“I really meant to boo me now, not the fans, but our dugout,” he said. It’s something I’ve done against other teams. I never said the fans were bad. I adore the fans, for example. I just had the impression that we were on our own. Fans, for example, want to win, and they pay our salary, as everyone claims. We, too, want to win. “Frustration had gotten the best of us.”

Manager Luis Rojas acknowledged that the Mets had a team meeting prior to the game, but he wouldn’t say who was in attendance other than to say that Baez and Lindor “showed up and they were accountable.”

“They told us to be ourselves,” says the narrator. “Obviously, we’re going to be professional, and we’re going to call it a day for the fans’ sake,” Baez said. “This happened a few days ago, and it’ll be put in the back.” Fans are free to do whatever they want. They’ll do it, and we have no control over it. We simply want to win, just like the front office and the fans.”

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Was that A Vote of No Confidence in The Fans?

mets thumbs down controversy

“Yeah, I mean, to let them know that if we don’t succeed, we’ll be booed, and if we do succeed, they’ll be booed as well.”

“We can’t have our fans against us,” Baez added, reiterating his love for the fans.

Baez was correct on a couple of points: it is extremely difficult to hit, as he knows. He was ranked 109th in on-base percentage among the 110 major leaguers with at least 600 plate appearances over the last two seasons, at.269. The players, on the other hand, aren’t robots.

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