Mercury in Retrograde: Celebrity Psychic Shows What is to Come

Mercury in Retrograde: Celebrity Psychic Reveals What's to Come

Mercury is at its very last retrograde of 2020.

Tonight, Oct. 13 marks the final Mercury retrograde of the season and is forecast to finish on, wait on this, Tuesday, November 3. This implies Election Day will be the final evening of Mercury in retrograde.

Thus, what precisely will be Mercury in retrograde? We requested mysterious and tarot card reader Angie Banicki, whose customers include Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Roberts and much more prominent titles, this question.

In simple terms, if watching Earth in Earth, it seems to proceed in a reverse way. But for believers in astrology, this occurrence –that happens a few times every calendar year–is much greater than the optical illusion.

Notably, since Mercury is thought to be the ruling planet of communicating everything from tech to trade to go to relationships could be impacted during this time period.

She clarified,”I constantly think about…inspection, revaluate. Like, there is a large thing with Mercury in retrograde with connections, where folks who’ve been to the fence or fighting with things…this revaluation will attract folks into becoming engaged or…attracts it for the revaluation to be love,’This can not be my entire life ‘”

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