Menu Hacks: New Secret Menu Items on The Regular Menu

menu hacks

We all occasionally eat at fast food establishments, especially when we’re pressed for time. Even if you don’t think you’re spending much per meal, the money you’re spending on all those trips to the drive-through can add up quickly. If you know how to exploit the system and locate the hidden menu cheats, there are always methods to save money and improve your meals at chain restaurants. Here are a tonne of suggestions and hacks, including a ridiculously easy McDonald’s hack that has gone viral, for saving money and enjoying better meals at some of America’s largest chain restaurants.

Mc Donald’s: Fries in A Cup

menu hacks

TikTok is a goldmine of useful fast-food hacks and is consistently a good way to spend time. A quick tip from user @hellthyjunkfood for consuming a McDonald’s fry while on the road is as follows: Order it in a drinking cup of the appropriate size rather than the customary container so that it will fit in the cup holder (and you may get a few extra fries).

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$2 Burrito at Chipotle

Hannah Hutson, who uses the TikTok app under the handle @hannahhuts, published a video that is assisting other users in eating at Chipotle without breaking the bank, particularly in light of the chain’s recent inflation-related pricing increases. The trick: Request a cheddar and pinto bean burrito with additional beans. You should only be charged for two sides, giving you a substantial lunch for less than $2.

Mini Big Mac at McDonald’s

This order, also known as the “poor man’s Big Mac,” transforms a less expensive cheeseburger into a sandwich with a Big Mac-like flavour: Request a McDouble with lettuce and Big Mac sauce, but without ketchup or mustard. The centre bun will be absent, but depending on where you are, you’ll save about $2.

Coffee Shop: Iced Latte

At Starbucks, you can brew your own lattes on the cheap. Get a larger cup and a double or triple espresso if you order one. Simply top with milk and any additional flavorings at the condiment station. Usually, you’ll save $2 and get about the same amount of beverage.

Spicy Potato and Beef Soft Taco at Taco Bell

menu hacks

Taco Bell’s beef soft tacos typically cost $1.39, while several locations charge up to $1.99 for them. It makes sense to order the $1 spicy potato soft taco and add meat for 65 cents if you live in a high-priced neighbourhood. For about $1.65, you can have a larger taco with fried potatoes, ground beef, creamy chipotle sauce, lettuce, and cheese, which has 300 calories.

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More Mc Nuggets at Mc Donald’s

Small orders of McDonald’s nuggets no longer make financial sense. A 10-piece often costs around $4.50, whereas a 40-piece is almost always only $10. For only roughly twice as much, you can receive four times as many McNuggets.

The Big Mac for 50% Off

Your preferred method of ordering from McDonald’s. This hack, which gained popularity on TikTok, makes use of the Big Mac and McDouble’s resemblance. Order a McDouble with Mac Sauce (which is often free) and specify “no ketchup, no mustard” to receive a Big Mac for half the price.

Caffe Misto on A Budget

Try this one out if you’re not concerned about getting into a fight with a Starbucks barista. The Krazy Koupon Lady points out that if you merely order a grande drip coffee and add steamed milk, you can obtain a Caffè Misto for around $0.70 cheaper (any beverage order at Starbucks can be supplemented with 4 ounces of steamed milk).

Cost-Effective Baconator

menu hacks

Big lover of the signature burger at Wendy’s? With this smart TikTok trick, you can save $2 on your next trip to the Baconator. Simply order a Bacon Double Stack on a premium bun (free at Wendy’s) and use only ketchup and mayonnaise as condiments. The “Budget Baconator” is just a half-ounce lighter than the genuine article and provides the most value for your money.

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Hack for Starbucks Bogo

Try out this two-for-one TikTok hack if you frequent Starbucks but don’t like the prices. This trick makes use of the baristas’ propensity to add extra ice to drinks at Starbucks. Ask for a separate cup loaded with ice after ordering a small chilled beverage of your choosing with “no ice” (which should come free of charge). The “no ice” beverage ought to be served completely full. You can get two cocktails for the price of one if you divide the mixture between the two glasses.

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