Memes of 2020 that became popular!

The memes that have been used to define the year 2020 show how twisted the brain is. In the era of the internet, memes have become very popular and are widely used for communication. In 2020, also lots of memes were used.

Memes of 2020 that became popular –

“I Am Going To Create An Environment That Is So Toxic” – This is a quote by Sue Sylvester from Glee, the 2010s musical television show. The quote is from episode seven of Glee, Throwdown, which aired on October 14th, 2009. On Twitter in 2020, the line became a reaction image. The users paired the line with various captions and used text blackout to change the image itself. For the 1st time, a Twitter user posted @elmotumbokon on June 27th, 2020, as an anti-meme. Soon others started sharing it with different variations.

Mike Pence and the Fly meme – The 1st presidential debate held last year was like nothing political commentators had seen before, and according to some people, it was like a real housewife fight. The later meeting of Vice President Mike Pence, Sen, and Kamala Harris were relatively calmer, but many hated moments were there. At one moment, a fly entered Mike’s head and was noticed by social media. The fly immediately went viral, gaining the attention of numerous Twitter accounts, including Pence’s Hair Fly, Mike Pence’s Fly, and Pence Fly.

How It Started / How It’s Going – This is the hottest meme of 2020, which has gone entirely in a different direction. It started as a frivolous framework for celebrating one’s romantic partner, the how it started vs. how it’s going. Still, the meme quickly changed into something far more helpful and versatile. It is now a popular tool for making social and political commentary across various topics and used particularly on Twitter.

Da Vinky – This meme is spreading on Twitter, and people who are not addicted to TikTok will not know about the meme. It trended on Twitter after two twins brothers Chris and Patrick Vörös from Hungarian Canadian posted a video of themselves playing a trivia game where they answered questions live on Tuesday.

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