Megastar Chiranjeevi Mad with Rajamouli over RRR?

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Seems like most members of the film fraternity and viewers are angry with the delay and postponement from the launch of RRR.

Among these huge stars of Telugu movie industry who’s probably mad with RRR for a variety of motives is Megastar Chiranjeevi. The celebrity always makes certain he understands all that’s happening with all the movies Ram Charan is a part of.

As a dad, and a celebrity, he involves every conceivable manner so that nothing could fail. Additionally, the majority of the instances, he chose the discharge dates also.

RRR slated for launch January 8

RRR is slated for launch on January 8 and it’s going to be using a solo launch for Sankranti. Since if a movie like RRR is publishing through a festival such as Sankranti, then there could be quite fewer opportunities for almost any other large films to launch. After all, who’d want to battle with Rajamouli┬áin the box office?

However, in regards to RRR, Chiranjeevi was entirely unaware of the newest release date of the movie is exactly what reports imply. This is since Chiranjeevi desired to launch his next movie with Koratala Siva through Sankranti. The rumoured name of the movie is Acharya Chiranjeevi.

Therefore due to this abrupt launch date of RRR, Chiranjeevi and staff of this movie need to try to find a brand new release date today. Additionally, he needs a gap of four months between the launch of his or her Ram Charan’s movies.

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But today, even when he would like to release his own 152nd┬ámovie before Sankranti, it’s not possible because the movie won’t be wrapped up .

Hence sources imply that the movie might discharge in summer next season just. Trisha has paired together with Chiranjeevi once more following Stalin and Koratala Siva has composed message-oriented script is exactly what the sources say.