Megan & Cardi B Get Into’ARGUMENT’ At Psychic Party!


Megan & Cardi B Get Into 'ARGUMENT' At Birthday Party! (Video)

Megan Thee Stallion and also Cardi B newspaper to have become a small dust up in Cardi’s Las Vegas birthday celebration, MTO News has discovered.

Both female rappers seemed to be evaporating, also one guest emphasized their apparent struggle can turn”bodily” . According to a man who attended to the celeb stuffed occasion, MTO News has discovered, Cardi and Megan were”in each other faces”


Cardi B encouraged a lot of actors to Vegas, because of her birthday component, Not merely was Offset in presence although so were Kylie Jenner, 21 Savage, Floyd Mayweather, Meek Mill, The Weeknd and much more.

Obviously, Cardi’s WAP spouse Megan Thee Stallion was there.

And Cardi ensure that Megan received special care in the celebration. By way of instance, MTO News affirmed when Megan came, she had been greeted with a complete marching band – that enjoying an instrumental version of the hit tune’WAP.'”

Cardi’s birthday has been held in AREA 15 and has been an Sahara Desert-theme… full with live camels.

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But seemingly Cardi did not spend plenty of time with Megan, also according to a guest – which created Megan angry.

Our team clarified,”Megan arrived [all the way] out there and did not spend more than couple of minutes together with [Cardi] – yeah I am pretty certain she had been angry.”

Additionally, it did not help that both women seemed to be drinking heavily in the occasion.

MTO News origin asserts that Megan approached Cardi, along with both female rappers contended for a couple of minutes, until they have been separated from safety.

The origin advised MTO News,”It seemed like an extremely heated debate, then safety resigned.”

Dang .   . We hope it is nothing too severe.

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