Meet The Group Of Armed Black Citizens Demanding Change With Any Means Necessary

White National Rifle Association members may normally walk into the streets with weapons drawn and confront little without backlash. Not F**king round Coalition (NFAC) are all searching to show that double-standard for African Americans who’ve resolved to also walk into people armed and prepared.

CNN talked to John Fitzgerald Johnson who set the group 2017.

“We are not’effing’ about with the ongoing abuses in our community and also the absence of respect to those guys, women, and kids,” Johnson stated to CNN.

The NFAC has marched in Stone Mountain, Georgia, Brunswick Georgia, Louisville, Kentucky, and Lafayette, Louisiana — for its struggle for justice to Dark victims of police violence in addition to the elimination of the country’s biggest confederate monument, the Stone Mountain Confederate Museum.

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Johnson also clarified the hypocrisy which is included with law authorities seeking to authorities Black armed bands while snowy collectives of armed taxpayers roam the streets freely. “nobody says anything if other demographics select up firearms, pick to equip themselves and face the government more than anything from sporting a mask into being cooped up in the home, but if particular demographics equip themselves of a sudden individuals have a tendency to behave as though the Constitution does not matter”

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Back in July, tens of thousands of people gprotestin sporting masks could collect out the Ohio statehouse in which a taxpayer’s militia made from military specialists and others with weapons made certain that nothing happened on them.

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Regardless of any controversy which the NFAC triggers, the team is continuing to enlarge. Johnson told CNN the group size climbed”exponentially” following recent protests at Louisville to get Breonna Taylor. 

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