Meet the Cast of Mank, David Fincher’s New Netflix Film

Meet the Cast of Mank, David Fincher's New Netflix Film

David Fincher’s first movie since Gone Girl appears like it is likely to be well worth the wait. The manager’s upcoming Netflix movie, Mank, tells the real story of screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz, aka”Mank,” the famous cowriter supporting Orson Welles’s renowned play, Citizen Kane. Place in 1930s Hollywood and taken completely in white and black, Mank seems to be a true homage to the golden era of theatre and (we are calling!) A worthy Oscar competition.

According to Deadline, the biopic was a 20-year fire job for Fincher, who is come near an Oscar not once, but twice in 2009 to get The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and in 2011 to get The Social Network. Together with Gary Oldman directing the throw as well as also the likes of Amanda Seyfried and Lily Collins encouraging, we could not be more eager to capture Mank as it lands Netflix on Dec. 4. Grab the teaser trailer beforehand and for the remainder of the cast linking Oldman, Seyfried, and Collins, read on!

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