Medicinal Cannabis Seeds: First-Ever Export of Israeli Medical Cannabis Seeds Heads to Us

medicinal cannabis seeds

A sizable and rising number of people grow cannabis primarily for its therapeutic properties. Crops grown from medical cannabis seeds may help lessen the pain or other side effects of a disease. Some gardeners may find that medical seeds are THC-rich. However, the presence of additional cannabinoids like CBD, THCV, CBG, etc. may also be of substantial use too many medical growers. The best cannabis strains and the needs of the individual are important considerations.

You may methodically determine which medical marijuana strains are ideal for you by producing your own medical marijuana from seeds, which is one of the many advantages. Comparatively, purchasing medical marijuana on the black market can feel like a lottery. Here are our top 5 marijuana strains for medical use. Always keep in mind that trying to produce your own is the greatest approach to locating your most potent medical strain. You might discover that specific cannabinoids work very well for you or that Indica and Sativa strains differ in their potency.

What Is Medicinal Marijuana?

medicinal cannabis seeds


Any cannabis kind that benefits a patient medically is referred to as medical cannabis. Benefits may include increased appetite, better sleep and rest, pain alleviation, symptom reduction, etc. Each individual human’s endo cannabinoid system varies only a little. This implies that every one of us reacts a little bit differently to a certain medical marijuana strain.

Some people discover that the greatest Indica strains for medicine work better than Sativa strains. The reverse will be true in the eyes of others. Some medicinal growers believe that a strain high in THC is the most helpful, while others favor strains with high CBD that are simple to grow. The ideal medical seeds for you can be very different from those for someone else.

Most seasoned medical cannabis producers have experimented with cultivating a variety of medical cannabis seeds. Before concentrating progressively on the best medical cannabis seeds for a particular illness, people frequently compare Indica vs. Sativa seeds, THC vs. CBD seeds, and cannabis seedlings rich in novel cannabinoids.

If you’re trying to purchase medicinal marijuana seeds, be aware that feminized seeds and auto-flowering seeds are also options. Autoflower seeds frequently have the advantage of being a little quicker and simpler to produce, which is especially helpful for less experienced growers.

medicinal cannabis seeds

Also, keep in mind that medical cannabis seeds can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors depending on your area. Autoflower cannabis seeds, which can thrive even in the brief northern European summers, may be available to outdoor growers in the UK. Even in the brief UK summers, they generally finish their growth cycle in roughly 100 days.

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Best Cannabis Strains for Medical Use

The greatest medical cannabis seeds from the Dutch Passion collection are difficult to choose. This is due to the fact that many individuals have personal favorites that are ideal for treating their particular illness.

However, the next five options cover the two main categories of cannabinoids—CBD and THC—as well as some novel cannabinoids that would be of interest to medical growers looking for fresh medical strains to try.

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CBD Charlotte’s Angel Is a High-CBD, Simple-To-Grow Medical Strain.

medicinal cannabis seeds

CBD Charlotte’s Angel consistently has THC levels below 1% and can generate up to 15% CBD in her dried buds. This indicates that this medical strain with a high CBD content won’t make you high. These buds allow you to enjoy marijuana throughout the day without becoming high, allowing you to work, shop or relax without THC getting in the way. These cannabis seeds are feminized during the photoperiod.

One of the most popular medical strains, CBD Charlotte’s Angel, won three cannabis cups not long after it was introduced. Before CBD Charlotte’s Angel seeds, the only way to obtain these CBD levels was via expensive, difficult-to-access THC-free clones. CBD Charlotte’s Angel is a Sativa strain that takes approximately 11 weeks to finish flowering and has extremely hefty blossoms. She is remarkably simple to grow in every circumstance. It will please fans of medical auto-flowering cannabis seeds to know that Auto CBD Charlotte’s Angel is also offered.

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