MediaMonks Nordics manager to handle virtualisation of game in the Mumbrella Sports Marketing Virtual Summit

MediaMonks Nordics boss to tackle virtualisation of sport at the Mumbrella Sports Marketing Virtual Summit

Development and redefinition of what type of promotion and virtualised sports encounter could seem like are the base of a presentation delivered by Nora Strandberg Henriksson, managing director of MediaMonks Nordics, in the Mumbrella Sports Marketing Virtual Summit in October.

Strandberg Henriksson provides the demonstration from Sweden and reveal the sport companies and patrons driving supporter curiosity, stepping from the comfort zones and adopting the imagination and technology that’s flourishing.

Strandberg Henrikson can exhibit from Sweden

She’s a profound career in game, chiefly because a journalist working for major broadcasters in Europe. Her career has also seen her gain important expertise in narrative creation and post-production.


before linking MediaMonks, Strandberg Henriksson functioned as head of movie and head of approach to articles promoting bureau Appelberg Publishing Group.

How can Kayo endure a span without live athletics? Hearne will describe at the digital convention

Kayo CCO Ant Hearne may even talk in the digital summit, answering a number of the greatest concerns that confronted the streaming support in late times: how can you maintain clients and entice new ones when dwell game has shut down?

At the session he’ll show how Kayo’s advertising and participation strategy was put up to endure the suspension of live game, and also to flourish when it returned.

Meanwhile, Tim Beveridge, manager of strategic consulting Silverbullet, may also check at enthusiasts but from another angle. He will deal with substantial question of how the sector needs to be focusing on lovers post-lockdown out of a technology and data standpoint.

Beveridge will exemplify how to induce enthusiast engagement using information and the best way to leverage information to induce sponsorships. Plus, he will describe a brand new fan engagement design to assist sporting relationships capture useful and productive information on lovers and their behaviors.

The Mumbrella Sports Marketing Virtual Summit occurs on October 21 having a bonus afternoon of articles included on October 22 too. Tickets are available now.

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