MCU might introduce Daredevil in the Big Screen

MCU daredevils in Netflix

A rumor is spreading around the world and the fans of the MCU. The new rumor suggests that Daredevil might head to the big screen, alongside Spider-Man, probably. If Dare-Devil finally gets an introduction in the next Spider-Man movie, then MCU already knows what it wants to do the remaining defenders.

Will Daredevil come to MCU?

When Marvel and Netflix joined their hands together, the small screens got their best Daredevil to date. Charlie Cox’s representation of Daredevil is breathtaking, and the intense hard fighting screen made the series an instant hit. However, a single move from Disney made sure that we are not going to Daredevil or the Defenders anytime soon.

In the year 2018, after Daredevil Season three came to an end, the deal between Disney and Netflix is gone. When an MCU show comes to an end, then the Marvel characters cannot feature in shows and movies for some time. For instance, the deal between Disney & Marvel suggests that the characters cannot be used for a couple of years.

Kevin Feige, the brain behind MCU said previously that everyone in the MCU exists in the same universe. And Marvel doesn’t release the standalone shows or spin-offs. Everything is taking place in the same universe.

Spider-Man might feature the man without fear: Daredevil

In the post-credit scene of Spider-Man: Far From Home, Quentin Beck aka Mysterio told the world Spider-Man’s real name. And this is a big spoiler of the movie, one of the most significant spoilers, by the way.

There is a highly likely chance that Spider-Man who need a lawyer and a superhero to protect him. And this is where Stark Industry might hire the “avocados at law” to prove that Peter Parker is innocent. In Marvel and Netflix’s Tv Series, Matt Murdock is a lawyer by profession along with his best friend, Foggy. By the looks of it, this might be quite interesting to see on the big screen.

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