Mcdonalds Hacks: Mind-Blowing Mc Donald’s Hacks that Will Change Your Life

mcdonalds hacks

There aren’t many folks who don’t recognise the value of a McDonald’s meal. Who, after all, can resist grabbing a mouthwatering, reasonably priced McMuffin before McDonald’s breakfast hours(opens in new tab) end?

If you’re frugal, you can feed everyone for less than you would pay for one basic plate at most other places, making it a perfect family outing with food, (if you’re lucky) a soft-play area, and iPads that the kids can spill milkshake on.

Even though Maccy’s is already a blessing in many ways (as a treat, of course), there are some tricks you can use to make your meals there even more reasonable and delectable.

Request a Cheeseburger with Hash Browns.

mcdonalds hacks

A tasty McDonald’s breakfast is a favourite among most customers. While McMuffins are life(! ), the restaurant’s famous hash browns are undoubtedly what set its breakfast apart. You will never be able to find a hash brown quite like it, no matter where you look or how hard you try.

The drawback is that when 10.30am rolls around, the potato delicacies are put away and the burger menu appears on menu boards, placing the two in separate realms that are both near by and yet so far away.

But one clever customer discovered a method to combine the well-known potato side with a traditional cheeseburger to create the perfect gastronomic treat. And it all depends on that 10.30 switchover.

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£1.89 Big Mac Made at Home

Want to eat but don’t want to spend £3.89? Using this technique, you can make your own Big Mac sandwich for £2 cheaper. As before, proceed to the self-service kiosk and purchase a Double Cheeseburger for £1.69. After selecting “Customize,” enter the following: lettuce shreds (20p), pickles, onions, mustard, and mayonnaise.

Even though it won’t taste precisely like a Big Mac, it’s really close. Additionally, if you’re feeling lucky, you may request that the staff include some real Big Mac sauce for you. Hacks.

For £1.99, Get a Big Mac and Chips.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll occasionally decide that a single burger isn’t quite enough and that you’d prefer to order something from the “Meals” section. So get ready to make some significant financial savings since we know how to always acquire a Big Mac and fries for under £2.

All you need is a McDonald’s receipt from a prior visit, but even if you don’t have one, glance around the restaurant as you enter to see if somebody has left theirs laying around.

See the instructions at the top of the receipt and follow them to finish a brief, two-minute survey. After that, you’ll get a code to write on top of the receipt that will allow you to get a Big Mac and fries for £1.99. (you may need to order at the counter to redeem the offer). Simply preserve the order’s receipt and retake the poll to continue the never-ending cycle. Repeat the process for £1.99. Fries and Big Macs forever.

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Hack for Chicken Selects

mcdonalds hacks

More food for a lower cost? Absolutely. Three pieces of chicken make up a Chicken Selects meal, but what if you could save costs here? You must return to the self-service kiosks and place your £1.99 wrap of the day order. You will receive two pieces of chicken and a plain wrap if you customize the wrap by taking away all sauces and salad. If you still don’t feel satisfied, you can always upgrade your meal to the Selects for £5.99 by adding fries and a drink to the wrap for a total of £4.17.

Purchase a Mc Chicken Sandwich on Sale

A Mayo Chicken has all of the same components as a McChicken Sandwich despite being much smaller. Therefore, why not just order two Mayo Chickens at £1.98 each, or two for 99p each, to make up for the size difference? This costs far less than the £3.89 McChicken Sandwich while having nearly identical ingredients. Heck, for less than the cost of a single McChicken Sandwich, you could even get three mayo chickens! What a pleasure.

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Buy Chicken Nuggets on Sale

The best chicken nuggets available, in our humble (and true) opinion, are those from McDonald’s. The good news is that you can also purchase eight additional nuggets for less money.

A cNugget Sharebox will give you 20 nuggets for just £5.49 as opposed to two boxes of six McNuggets, which would cost you £7.98 and total 12 nuggets. Despite the name, there is no requirement to share the nuggets; the nuggets-per-pound ratio is off the charts here.

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