Matt Roloff Girlfriend: How He Met His Girlfriend?

matt roloff girlfriend

Matt Roloff, a star of LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG WORLD, is dating Caryn Chandler.

In 2017, Roloff and Chandler made their relationship public for the first time. Chandler frequently guest stars on the TLC show Little People, Big World.

Caryn Chandler: Who Is She?

Roloff is one year older than Chandler, who is 58. She was born in Arizona, a popular vacation destination for the couple. Roloff disclosed in 2018 that he had acquired the Arizona home that Chandler’s parents had previously owned. She has a son named Connor and a daughter named Brittany.

Roloff has said that one of the positive aspects of his and Caryn’s relationship is their shared concern for their children. He said: “I care about her time with her kids, and she cares about my time with my kids.”

matt roloff girlfriend

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How Did They First Connect?

Before becoming together, the pair spent several years working on the Roloff farm together. For twelve years, according to Roloff, Chandler was “important in managing pumpkin season” at the farm. However, Roloff acknowledged that Chandler was no longer a worker in 2018.

About a year after the two made their relationship known, something happened.

Does She Get Along with The Kids that Roloff Has?

Roloff is the father of four kids: Jacob, 24, Zach, 31, Jeremy, 31, and Molly, 27. In May 2016, Matt and his ex-wife Amy Roloff split. Since then, Amy wed Chris Mareck. Chandler spends a lot of time with his four children because he and Roloff have been dating for more than four years. She even assists in caring for Jackson, Lilah, Ember, and Bode Roloff’s grandchildren.

Zach made a statement regarding his dad’s choice to date Chandler following the divorce.

Despite the fact that I’m not accustomed to my parents dating other people, I won’t sit there fuming over the fact that he and my mother weren’t compatible “said he. He stated, “I want to see both of my parents happy, and Caryn and my dad look incredibly happy together.

matt roloff girlfriend

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What Is Matt Roloff’s Current Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Matt has a $6 million net worth as of 2022. Matt is a well-known reality TV personality in addition to being a farmer, author, motivational speaker, and businessman.

What Is Matt Roloff’s Line of Work?

According to a Business Insider article from 2016, TLC reality TV stars make between $1,500 and $3,000 for every episode of the programs they produce for the network. In Touch recently calculated that Matt is likely making between $60,000 and $120,000 for each season of Little People, Big World based on the information provided. But no official information on his pay for the program has been made public.

Another money-making endeavor that consumes a lot of Matt’s time is the farm. Additionally, Matt was successful in converting a portion of the family farm into an amusement park after taking over as the property’s sole owner in 2020. Other families can experience the amusement park’s entire lineup of rides and attractions. The facility receives roughly 30,000 visitors a year, according to In Touch.

His ownership of Roloff Farms has been a contentious topic in recent news. A recent episode of LPBW included a fight between Matt and his adult sons about the selling of a piece of the property.

Currently, a portion of the farm is for sale for $4 million. Matt has grown more and more irate with his kids since he thought they would maintain the farm in the family.

According to The Sun, Matt talks about how “a lot of people think that I told the kids they would inherit this property.” “I always stated that perhaps we could retain this as a legacy, but I never said anybody would inherit it.”

Even stating that his kids have turned into “a bunch of little monsters,” he has gone too far.

Watch Little People, Big World to keep up with the ongoing real estate family drama. Tuesdays at 9 p.m., new episodes are broadcast. TLC at EST.


Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler were dating since 2017. After her divorce from Amy Roloff, Caryn started spending time with Matt’s children. They both said that they respected each other’s time and children.

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