What Killed Matt Pobereyko at Just 31 Years of Age? He Was in Perfect Shape Before His Sudden Demise

matt pobereyko cause of death

Matt Pobereyko suddenly died on Friday. He was formerly a Mets prospect pitcher in the minor leagues. He was just 31 years old when he passed away. During his time playing undergraduate baseball at Kentucky Wesleyan College.

The right-hander started his professional baseball career in 2016. He advanced to Triple-A in 2018 while playing for the Diamondbacks, Marlins, and Mets. On Friday, he was still pursuing a baseball career when he unexpectedly collapsed at home.

Pobereyko was discovered by his girlfriend according to NBC News. He had spent the winter in Warrenville, a Chicago suburb, where the Mexican Pacific Winter League played.

Matt Pobereyko’s Cause of Death

Matt Pobereyko, The pitcher passed away following a heart attack, according to a statement released on Saturday by his team, the Saraperos de Saltillo.

In spite of this, the death was “still under investigation,” according to the DuPage County Coroner’s Office. Early indicators suggest that the formal cause of death may not be known for up to eight weeks.

According to a statement from Sam Bonilla, chief of the Warrenville Police Department, there were no odd conditions to note, and an autopsy was done the next day revealed no more information.

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Matt Pobereyko Was in Perfect Shape Before His Sudden Demise

matt pobereyko cause of death

Matt Pobereyko didn’t appear to have any significant health difficulties, according to his family. All we know is that he just fell, his brother Daniel told NBC News. We’re not sure. Nothing particularly unusual was discovered during the autopsy. Yet, in our opinion, if he had had a pulse, he would have gotten a comprehensive medical report.

The pitcher’s brother, Daniel Pobereyko, indicated that there were “essentially no leads” based on what was known at the time. He seemed to be in great shape when they last met him earlier in the week.

His family, friends, and former teammates were utterly taken aback by the news. Once the piece gained popularity, there was an intense reaction on social media. It is understandable why there were so many people in mourning given a player like Matt Pobereyko’s vast travels.

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Social Media Mourns Matt Pobereyko’s Loss

matt pobereyko cause of death

In a tweet regretting Matt Pobereyko’s loss, the Pensacola Blue Wahoos wrote: “The Blue Wahoos join the baseball community in mourning Matt Pobereyko’s passing. Both on the field and off it, Matt was a cherished member of our 2021 team. We are sending thoughts and love to his family, friends, and teammates.

The Blue Wahoos join the baseball community in mourning the passing of Matt Pobereyko.

A member of our 2021 team, Matt was beloved on and off the field. Our prayers and love are with his family, friends, and teammates.

The pitcher’s most recent appearance came in Venezuela’s Caribbean World Series earlier this month.

He wanted to play baseball in the Major League and go to Asia. He had his sights set on the Asian markets since his brother believed he had thrown extraordinarily well in Mexico. At the very least, it is what he was contemplating. For as long as he had left, he would keep tossing the ball, and he still had some great material.

From 2013 through 2015, Pobereyko, who was raised in Hammond, Indiana, threw for Kentucky Wesleyan. He played his whole career in minor, independent, and foreign leagues.

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