Matt Hancock Girlfriend: Why He Have Leave His Position!

matt hancock girlfriend

The image of Gina Coladangelo and Matt Hancock in an octopus-like embrace—he was the octopus, not her—that appeared on the front page of every newspaper in the nation last Summer made her a household name. Hancock (who had been married for fifteen years to a different woman named Martha) resigned from his position as health secretary over the affair after becoming furious that he had violated his own social distance rules to get a smooch.

In the months that followed the controversy, the couple was repeatedly photographed together while on vacation, appearing to be “loved up.” The former minister of health made an appearance on Steve Bartlett’s Diary of a CEO podcast in March, following Molly Mae’s lead. He or she did so to clarify the situation.

Hancock stated that she quit because she had violated the social distance rules. They were the rules I had been putting forward. We fell in love, and that’s why it happened—me and that person. And that was something that was entirely beyond my control,” he continued.

matt hancock girlfriend

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Exactly Who Is Gina Coladangelo?

Gina was the head of marketing and communications for the adored high-street retailer Oliver Bonas before she became well-recognized as “Matt Hancock’s Aid.” Olive Trees, the creator of the company, was her husband, but after the controversy surfaced, it was shortly announced that they had separated.

For the Department of Health, Gina was hired as a communications specialist with a £15,000 annual salary. It was then claimed that Gina was hired out of nepotism because she had any visible credentials in the medical field. A representative for Hancock insisted to Grazia that she was “originally brought in as a volunteer” while a representative for the Department of Health flatly denied these allegations.

It’s unclear if Coladangelo has been employed since the incident surfaced, but given that the communications director has been widely described as a “millionaire,” it’s possible that she would be okay with pausing her professional activities for a while.

matt hancock girlfriend

Gina Coladangelo and Matt Hancock Met in What Way?

Hancock and Coladangelo met while volunteering at an Oxford University radio station. In explaining their relationship to Steve Bartlett, he said, ‘I’ve known Gina for more than half of my life, and we first worked together on student radio in Oxford. Ironically, we spent a great deal of time together attempting to teach me how to speak

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Gina Coladangelo and Matt Hancock Remain a Couple?

The relationship between Coladangelo and Hancock now seems to be very serious. They are not yet living together, according to reports, though. Regarding their relationship, Hancock said, “Of course, I regret the hurt that’s been caused.” But I fell in love with someone, even if doing so in public is excruciatingly unpleasant.

“Everyone is aware of the difficulty involved in ending a relationship, and we [he and Martha] had six kids.” A challenge. I do, however, adore Gina very much. 7-8 months after that. As time passes, it becomes a little easier.

matt hancock girlfriend

Who Is Matt Hancock’s Ex-Wife?

It took Matt fifteen years to get divorced from his ex-wife Martha Hoyer Millar.

A daughter and two sons make up the couple’s family of three.

Frederick Millar, a British diplomat who represented his country as ambassador to West Germany between 1955 and 1956, is the grandfather of Martha.

Why Did Health Secretary Matt Hancock Step Down?

In the midst of the pandemic, when social segregation regulations were in force, Matt quit when Gina and he were seen on camera kissing.

He made the decision to leave his position after facing harsh public criticism.


Matt Hancock and gina Colangelo come into the public eye after matt violates his social distance rule to kiss Gina, and social media forces matt to resign as the kissing pitcher becomes viral. They met at a radio station at Oxford University. Their relationship appears to be very serious; this was likely the reason for his divorce from his ex-wife.

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