Mask exhibit to show cultural puzzles of the Torres Strait Islands in the Museum of the Great Southern

Mask exhibition to reveal cultural mysteries of the Torres Strait Islands at Museum of the Great Southern

The traveling exhibit Evolution: Torres Strait Masks is again back to display in the Museum of the Great Southern in time to get the college vacations.

Creating its very first trip to the area in February, the free display is back on screen in Menang Noongar state from September 26-November 7. )

Showcasing the early custom of mask-making from the Torres Strait Islands, the selection of 12 masks has been designed in partnership with the National Museum of Australia and Thursday Island’s Gab Titui Cultural Centre.

The display will take people on a trip through time to when masks were used in sacred rituals during the 274 islands dispersing across about 48,000sqkm involving Queensland’s Cape York Peninsula and Papua New Guinea.

In accordance with this museum, the historical masks, called Kuyuku Zamiyak, meaning”head part”, are exceptional.

They’re believed to have powers that allow you to station and join with a different kingdom, and have been worn by recognised religious leaders of the maximum rank who have been viewed as being the capability to communicate with all the ancestors in the spirit world.

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Visitors may get exclusive insight into what’s been called a profoundly religious practice of mask-making revived by eight proud modern artists that would like to talk about their own culture.

Mask-making customs have been conducted by Torres Strait musicians and master craftsmen like Andrew Passi, Eddie Nona and Yessie Mosby.

Visitors may expect to know about the development of hide civilization, the response of ancient marine explorers to the clinic, and also the cultural protocols round developing a mask.

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