Maryland Man Arrested After Taking A Gun In His Trump Supporting Neighbor

Maryland Man Arrested After Shooting A Gun At His Trump Supporting Neighbor

A Maryland man is presently being held without bail after allegedly shooting a shotgun at the leadership of a bunch of Donald Trump assistants since they drove by in a pickup truck. CBS Baltimore accounts 50-year old Douglas Kuhn, that had been setting up a Dark Lives Issue signal in his yard in the right time of this incident, was arrested, booked and is now facing several charges, including attack.

The incident allegedly happened on Saturday afternoon (October 17) from the semi-rural neighborhood of Kingsville, roughly 10 kilometers north of Baltimore. Neal Houk and his child acknowledge they honked his horn in Kuhn, their neighbor, by their pickup truck, that includes a sizable Trump hint in the trunk, as he had been placing the BLM sign in his own yard.

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“He touched. He had a shotgun directly there, pulled it out and pointed it directly at… and then we were in doubt,” Houk informed CBS Baltimore. “The next thing we noticed was that a shotgun blast.”

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One other neighbor said they heard the only blast also.

CBS reports Kuan”is confronting numerous assault and reckless endangerment charges and a felony firearm charge”

Nobody has been allegedly hurt and it’s not obvious if any land damage came in the alleged shooter. Police tracked down Kuhn and discovered that a 12-gauge shotgun in his house and took him into custody. 

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