Mary Elizabeth and Woody Harrelson are teaming up for Kate

Mary Elizabeth and Woody Harrelson in Kate

Mary Elizabeth and Woody Harrelson in Kate

The incredible three-time Oscar nominee, Woody Harrelson would join Mary Elizabeth Winstead in the forthcoming Netflix thriller flick, Kate. Harrelson has previously starred in Sony’s Venom, Indecent Proposal, Zombieland, True Detective Season 1, Friends with Benefits among others.

Moreover, Woody Harrelson did get a nomination for the Oscar in a supporting role for the film, “The Messengers.” Additionally, he was also nominated as the best actor for The People vs Larry Flynt and even for 2017 film, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. On the other hand, he also won an Emmy Award for his groundbreaking role in the movie, Cheers.

Long story short, Woody Harrelson is more of excellent news that he would star in the new Thriller flick alongside Mary Elizabeth.

Netflix’s forthcoming movie Kate is brilliant

Cedric Nicolas-Troyan is going to direct the movie. On the other hand, Umair Aleem would write the film. The premise of the movie is about a female assassin who is going to be poisoned. Moreover, the female assassin only has 24 hours to live and kill some people. 

In the 24 hours, the assassin would go on a chase & seek revenge from the person who did poison her in the first place. The man lives in Tokyo, and the killer will track him to Tokyo and then assassinate him.

Fans are looking forward to yet another Netflix movie

By the looks of it, the making of this movie is quite a complete swing. Bryan Unkeless is going to produce the film, in the past Unkeless was also one of the producers of Deadpool 2. Moreover, Unkeless would also produce the movie, namely, Hobbs & Shaw.

The teams of producers have hired a very famous stunt coordinator, Jonathan Eusebio. So far, Eusebio has also been a part of the John Wick franchise. The movie will hit directly to the streaming giant.

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