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Mary Ann Lisanti terminated from Maryland General Assembly after using racial slur for black people

Mary ann lisanti

Mary Ann Lisanti using racial slur for black people

A Maryland Harford delegate, a civil rights advocate Mary Ann Lisanti on Tuesday lost her leadership position as head of the unemployment insurance subcommittee, after using a racial slur for black people at Annapolis bar, this was a cigar store where the after-hours gathering was happening in the month of January.

Delegate Mary Ann Lisanti, a 51-year-old democrat in her second term representing Harford country northeast of Baltimore on Tuesday released a statement apologizing for the word she chooses. And a day later she even apologized to leaders of state legislative Black Caucus. Further, she cited “I understand that the use of inappropriate and insensitive language is not acceptable under any circumstance” and “I am sorry for the hurt I have caused and will do everything I can to help heal that pain and regain the trust of my colleagues and constituents”.

“I pray for forgiveness”.

Delegate Darryl Barnes, chairman of Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland, described the apology as “woefully inadequate” and pointed out that the Maryland General Assembly consists of 57 black members out of 188 legislators. The letter signed by him says Lisanti is “unsuited to continue in a position of leadership in the Maryland General Assembly. We have been receiving calls for her resignation, removal of a subcommittee chairmanship, and to be censured on the House floor”. And informed Michael E. Busch, the house speaker to discipline the delegates.

Mary Ann Lisanti terminated Maryland General Assembly

 Michael E. Busch issued a statement on Tuesday after meeting with leaders of Black Caucus, stating “While I believe her apology was heartfelt, the damage among her colleagues and the public has been done” and announced Lisanti would no longer chair a house committee as he believes that “leaders in the House need to be able to bring people together — not tear them apart”.

And the speaker told that Lisanti has agreed for a sensitivity training. Further he said “I hope that through the sensitivity training that Delegate Lisanti has agreed to and the help of her colleagues, she will develop a greater understanding of the impact that she has had on her fellow legislators and the entire House of Delegates, “Like anyone who has made a mistake, she has the opportunity for redemption – but it is her responsibility to do so and earn back the trust of her colleagues”.

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