Marvel’s New Loki Trailer Reveals New Plot Points

Marvel's New Loki Trailer Reveals New Plot Points
Marvel's New Loki Trailer Reveals New Plot Points

MCU’s TV series currently streaming on Disney+ have found immense success. With Wanda Vision and Falcon and The Winter Soldier’s release, it has established a new alternative where Marvel can combine both TV shows and movies altogether.

Loki will be releasing in June and follow a similar TV series format. It is releasing right before the start of phase 4 of MCU. So we may get new hints on how this upcoming phase of Marvel is going to unfurl.

Loki’s new teaser was released midway in an NBA game between Golden State Warriors and New Orleans Pelicans. This new Loki show will likely focus on the aftermath of Loki that escaped the timeline using Tessaract.

Loki in New Show
Loki in New Show

In the plot, Loki will work with the group called Temporal Variance Authority. His ultimate goal will be to repair the damage he caused to the timeline. If he fails then he will get wiped out from the timeline.

The teaser revealed some crucial information and gave hints on what to expect from the upcoming release on Disney +. Here are some of the key pieces of information that that latest Loki teaser put forth.

TVA’s Base

The TVA's City
The TVA’s City

The teaser showed the base of operation of The Temporal Variance with whom Loki is working. Apart from that there isn’t much shown but we can speculate that it is located in Chronopolis. An interesting thing about this location is that it lies in the realm called Limbo.

This realm has blocks that can inject you into different timelines. So if you don’t have proper knowledge of how things work here, it is easy to get lost.

Loki Shown Using Daggers

Loki Using Dagger
Loki Using Dagger

Loki once again returns with his favorite weapon, Daggers. The God of Mischief is known for getting close to the opponents and stabbing them using daggers. While it didn’t work against Thanos in Avengers: Endgame, Loki still prefers them as seen from the teaser.

The God of Mischief is on his way in a tunnel from the trailer. We still have no information on where this tunnel leads, but speculations suggest that it is one of the blocks leading to TVA’s base.

Shadowy Individual

We get a shot of a person suited black and standing under the orange sky. It’s just a still from the trailer and no features of the person are shown in the teaser. Fans are speculating that this individual could be an enemy that Loki may be facing in the future.

Loki’s Fate

Loki's Lawyer
Loki’s Lawyer

After disrupting the timeline, Loki faces a trial in court. The most interesting thing from the teaser is not the trial but the person accompanying Loki. That person is Mobius who in the comic is a member of TVA. Initially, his rank was low but over time he got a higher position after meeting with Fantastic Four.

It will be interesting to see what kind of role he will play in the show.

What is Loki Planning?

The teaser reveals no information on Loki’s true intentions. We don’t know whether he is truly looking for redemption or just wants to cause further mischief. Even his lawyer can’t trust him because of his history of backstabbing people. We can only wait for the Loki TV series to start and see how it unfolds.

What are your expectations from this upcoming show? Who could be the shadowy individual shown in the teaser? Comment below your thoughts. You can also find news related to other TV shows on our social media channels, so please follow us there.

Marvel’s New Loki Trailer 

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