Marvel might make a standalone Thanos movie

Thanos movie

Thanos movie

So far, the Avengers Endgame is said to be the most excellent MCU film of all time. On the other hand, Endgame is also one of the best Marvel Cinematic Universe movies ever made. The storyline of the film, along with the vulnerability of the characters makes the movie, epic. There is one character which has won the hearts of all the MCU fans, the big evil Thanos.

The titan Thanos is brutal angrier, and his fighting style was fierce in the Endgame. People can spoil the Endgame as much as they want to as everybody knows because “Even Dead, I’m The Hero.”

The mad mighty titan had wiped out half of the population in a single span. Given that Thanos was a villain, he is still regarded as one of the iconic comic book villains in the world. However, the concern is not about the respect he deserves.

Will Thanos have a standalone movie?

The future of Thanos in the MCU is not specific as of now. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thanos had little screen time in the Guardians of the Galaxy. And later in Avengers Infinity War as well as the Endgame, the character had a massive role. However, there is no information about Thanos’ past life, and also the intention of the young Thanos isn’t clear either.

The only thing that people know about Thanos is that he wanted to wipe out half of the universe.

Did Thanos have a sneak peek of the past?

The Russo Brothers have said that they have already curated a ten-minute cut that depicts the life of young Thanos. The short video gives the reason as to why Thanos wants to wipe half of the universe away. Furthermore, Josh Brolin still has one more contract left with the MCU. So, if MCU decides to curate a standalone movie of Thanos, then things will be epic for the fans.

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