Veritone launches Marvel AI to clone the voice of content creators

There were doubts and questions regarding the Marvel franchise that whether the comics and sci-fi stories will be rubbed off sooner or later. Or, whether Marvel and Disney are going into artificial intelligence? It seems, these are baseless because Marvel AI is simply a program from Veritone.

Veritone just launched the Marvel.AI platform with the purpose to clone the voice of celebrities and influencers. In simple words, interested advertisers can pick and choose from a catalogue of pre-generated voices and create the voice for their ad.

Marvel AI Could Clone Celebrities’ Voices for Ads
Marvel AI Could Clone Celebrities’ Voices for Ads

Creators can submit training data and Veritone will create a voice clone for them which will be stored on Veritone. The content creator will be able to use it to generate extra audio in the future.

This would help celebrities and influencers do more work in a limited time. They won’t have to run into a studio and record speech after speech as they will be able to generate voice automatically through Veritone. Veritone will make a disclaimer for the content they help to produce, store and sell.

It remains to be seen what form the output takes finally and whether the voice will be sellable or not!

Mary Woods
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