Man charged after laser attacks struck police chopper at Markham

Markham laser incident

A person is facing charges following a police officer had been struck by laser attacks in Markham during the weekend.

About Sept. 6, in about 12:45 Ranked, a pilot and tactical flight officer have been at the Air2 police officer helping officers having a suspected impaired driver in the region of Brimley Road and Denison Street, York Regional Police stated.

While over the traffic stopped, the officer and pilot had been struck by a smart laser light, authorities said.

Police decided the laser was first coming out of a guy who had been pointing the light in the helicopter when standing in a garden on Vickers Road.

Trainers on the floor were then led to the house and the defendant was detained.

Authorities said the defendant had a 532nM 5mW cw CLASS IIIa laser extending pencil.

On Tuesday, York Regional Police reported that a 31-year old guy in Markham was charged in the event.

The guy is facing three charges, such as mischief endangering life, undermining safety of an aircraft and obstructing a peace officer.

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Authorities are reminding the people that laser pointers can be particularly dangerous.

Health Canada warns that a fast look to a laser pointer may lead to flash blindness, which might place the lives of these within a plane and on the floor in danger.

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