Malika Haqq Sends O.T. Genasis Screenshots Of Messages That Different ladies Deliver Her About Him [VIDEO]

Malika Haqq Sends O.T. Genasis Screenshots Of Messages That Other Women Send Her About Him [VIDEO]

Malika Haqq Sends O.T. Genasis Screenshots Of Messages Which Other ladies Deliver Her About Him [VIDEO]

Malika Haqq who stocks a boy using rapper O.T. Genasis isn’t now in a relationship together, but states that she looks for him.

In an event of KUWTK, ” she tells the tale of a girl slipping within her DMs, using an image of O.T. Genasis and a different girl.

“I like randomly assess my DMs and also this woman dm’d me enjoy 40 moments past and it had been a screenshot of all O.T. in a few other women DMs. In the top you find the captain,’some come get this guy right?’ I reacted to her and that I was like um’Perhaps not my guy, not my issue ‘”

Though she’s thankfully moved on and does not wish to hear the facts of her exshe admits there isn’t much that she is able to avoid. Seeing like they are equally in the spotlight and she’s carrying his child.

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Malika Haqq proceeds stating that after she obtained the DM, ” she delivered the message into O.T. Genasis.

“I shipped it to me, please do not play yourself you are likely to wind up on a site playing these h*es she is adorable though lol.”

She states that he responded with,

“I do not speak to b*tches that use pink hair lol.”

The fact superstar adds that if she receives news such as she wishes to be on the lookout for him since they will be in each others lives for the remainder of their kid’s life.

“I really clown him because I feel as if I am looking for him since I am like seem the main point is we are likely to be connected to each other to the remainder of our kid’s life I truly don’t need you to seem dumb”

Maintaining that her devotion is with him random ladies.

“That is the way these h*es would you really personally, and they return to me and tell me what along with in real life that I do not even wish to understand but my devotion when anything really is to him I inform him.”

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This is not initially Malika was vocal about her frustrations with all O.T. Genasis.

Throughout another episode of this series Malika Haqq obtained psychological while on the telephone along with her twin sister, Khadijah Haqq, and closest buddy, Khloe Kardashian, since they proposed her baby shower.

She advised Khloe Kardashian and Khadijah Haqq before hanging them up:

“I am five minutes out of not needing a shower ”

Khloe Kardashian afterwards stated in an confessional:

“For Malika to state she is so disappointed she does not even need a shower , that is quite disappointing to me personally. I know she’d regret it if she didn’t have a shower”

Then they telephone Malika Haqq straight back and she cried because she stated:

“I am just very stressed out. I am not in the ideal position and I am attempting to get the very best I could…”

Khloe afterwards told celebrities:

“I understand that Malika exploding into tears has nothing related to Khadijah or herself. We could imagine it has something to do with O.T…something more profound than people. I certainly empathize with her. I simply want her to constantly feel confident that I am there for her”

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