Malaysia Pargo’s Net Worth 2023: Everything You Need To Know

Malaysia Pargo (Laquisha) (born August 12, 1980, in Compton, Los Angeles, California) is Jannero Pargo’s ex-wife from the reality television shows Basketball Wives and Basketball Wives: LA. Malaysia was born in the rough neighbourhood of Compton in Los Angeles, California. Dontae Hayes, her younger brother, was shot and killed by police on New Year’s Eve in 2013 when he was only 20. Basketball player Byron Scott is Malaysia’s cousin. Malaysia met her ex-husband, Jannero Pargo, at a party in Los Angeles, California, when she was 22. She is the mother of three children, two of which are twins.

Malaysia Pargo’s net worth

Malaysian Pargo’s net worth: Pargo has a net worth of 3.5 million dollars as a reality television star and jewellery designer. Malaysia Laquisha Pargo, Pargo’s real name, grew up in Compton, California. She rose to prominence as a cast member of VH1’s hit reality shows Basketball Wives: Los Angeles. She has been a part of the cast since the show first aired.

The show, which follows a group of women who are currently or have previously been in relationships with professional basketball players, is in its third season. Ms Pargo is married to Jannero Pargo, a former Atlanta Hawks point guard who now plays for the Charlotte Bobcats.

When she was twenty-two, she began dating Jannero Pargo, whom she later married. She has not fully embraced the life of a basketball wife like some of her contemporaries. She has frequently commented that she must maintain her guard owing to the scrutiny and jealousy surrounding her.

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Malaysia’s Career

Malaysia Pargo is an entrepreneur that is involved in various businesses. She has appeared in Datzhott, The Arsenio Hall Show, Home & Family, The Eric Andre Show, Hip Hop Squares, Noches con Platanito, AbSIRd, Big Morning Buzz Live, and the music video for “Nothing” by Mase, in addition to Basketball Wives and Basketball Wives LA.

Malaysia is the founder and owner of 3BeatsL and Three Beats Jewelry. She also collaborated with Hedgecock Creed, an upholstery and furniture manufacturer, to create an affordable collection of exquisite bedding. Pargo had this to say about the collection.

She and her husband, Jannero Pargo, have three children, and she named her jewellery company Three Beats Custom Children’s Jewelry in honour of them. Malaysia Pargo announced on May 24, 2014, that she had filed for divorce from Jannero. Malaysia notes in the lawsuit that they had been separated since December 2012. They have three children.

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Malaysia’s early life

Malaysia Pargo was born in Compton, California. Malaysia Pargo was born under the sign of Leo. Jannero Pargo was her first encounter when she was 21 years old. Hedgecock Creed, a furniture and upholstery firm, has cooperated with Malaysia to co-create a bedding line with her. Compton is where she was born. She is a mother of three children. The twins are the youngest children. Her marriage to Jannero Pargo was annulled in 2016.

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