Maki Heavenly Restriction Technique Explained – Jujutsu Kaisen Discussion

Maki Heavenly Restriction Technique Explained – Jujutsu Kaisen Discussion
Maki Heavenly Restriction Technique Explained – Jujutsu Kaisen Discussion

Jujutsu Kaisen manga is on an indefinite hiatus for now, so there hasn’t been much discussion around it. However, Maki Heavenly Restriction Technique has certainly become the talk of the town. With her latest showdown, the former member of the Zenin Clan has proven to be one of the strongest people in the series.

After getting rejected from her clan, Maki decided to turn 180 degrees. With the death of her sister, she gained immense power and subdued the entire Zenin Clan. She went on a rampage and annihilated her former clan. Her Heavenly Restriction Technique played a vital role in achieving this. So what’s this technique of her and how she uses it? Let’s find out.

Maki Heavenly Restrictions Technique Explained – Jujutsu Kaisen Discussion

Who is Maki?

Born in the Zenin Family, Maki is one of the strongest characters in Jujutsu Kaisen right now. Not long ago, she might not have been held in that bracket. However, her latest exploits have elected her status. Maki had a bad history with Zenin since the clan rejected her because of her lack of cursed energy. However, Maki did possess her own technique called Heavenly Restriction.

Her family didn’t want her in the clan, so she decided to desert them. Furthermore, she even declined the position of becoming a clan leader because of this. But a certain incident happened which lead to the death of her sister Mai. An enraged Maki lost control and in return wiped out the entirety of the clan. Her current aim is unknown but we will likely find out more in the next chapters.

Maki Heavenly Restriction Technique

Unlike other strong sorcerers, Maki doesn’t have an immense amount of curse energy. This was one of the reasons why she was dejected by her family. But she is capable of making up for it by using Heavenly Restriction. Maki Heavenly Restriction allows her to excel in physical prowess and compete with stronger opponents without relying on cursed energy.

Even from her birth, she had very little cursed energy. After her sister died, that energy too got away. But because of that, she excelled brilliantly in terms of physical prowess. It resulted in enhanced speed as well as strength which would later allow her to deal with multiple enemies. She still has a long road ahead but the way things are going, Maki Heavenly Restriction Technique is going to improve further.

Weapons of Maki used With Heavenly Restriction

Maki primarily relies on her physical strength and different sets of weapons. We’ve seen her use a variety of weapons throughout the series. She often uses cursed tools to make up for the lesser cursed energy.

Cursed Spear

Maki possesses a cursed Spear which she often uses in her fights. Its edge is plated with gold and skin covered in pink. As athletic as she is, it allows her to maneuver the weapon the way she likes. Because of her speed and agility, Maki can use the cursed Spear to its fullest potential. Maki Heavenly Restriction involves her use cursed spear.

Imbued Glasses

Since she has low cursed energy, Maki is unable to see cursed spirits. To counter this, she wears glasses imbued with the cursed energy. With this, she’s able to see and feel the cursed spirits wandering around her

Maki Using Polearm


Like a spear, we’ve seen Maki use polearm on various occasions. Usually, she only uses it for training but sometimes Maki brings it out in a battle. It is also imbued with cursed energy which trades off the absence of cursed energy within her. She often uses them with Maki Heavenly Restriction.

Dragon Bone

Her latest weapon, Dragon Bone is the most useful weapon in her arsenal. It is capable of storing as well as releasing the cursed energy as per user’s will. She obtained it from the Zenin’s treasure room and used it to annihilate the entire clan.

What do you think are other abilities that Maki can use? Let us know what you think down in the comments. For more Jujutsu Kaisen updates, make sure to follow us on social media.

Maki Heavenly Restriction Technique

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