Major Grom: Plague Doctor Ending Explained – Who Was Plague Doctor?

Major Grom: Plague Doctor Ending Explained - Who Was Plague Doctor?
Major Grom: Plague Doctor Ending Explained - Who Was Plague Doctor?

Directed by Oleg Trofim, Major Grom: Plague Doctor is a Russian Action film distributed by Netflix. It stars Tikhon Zhiznevsky in a lead role along with Lyubov Aksyonova, Aleksei Maklakov, Aleksandr Seteykin, Sergei Goroshko, Dmitry Chebotaryo, Mikhail Evlanov, and Oleg Chugunov in supporting cast.

The story of Major Grom: Plague Doctor focuses on Major Grom who is in pursuit of a proclaimed vigilante who goes by the name of Plague Doctor. In his pursuit, he faces various challenges from his superiors as well as civil bodies. Sandwiched between two worlds, Grom struggles to discover the identity of this masked individual. However, through the efforts of him and his partner, he reveals the mask off of Plague Doctor and uncovers his gruesome persona.

Major Grom: Plague Doctor’s ending saw Grom revealing the real name of this masked man, however, he didn’t take the credit for it. If you didn’t understand what took place in the movie’s final moments, we are here for you. Let’s take a look at Major Grom: Plague Doctor Ending explained.

Major Grom: Plague Doctor Ending Explained – Who Was Plague Doctor?

The Prologue

The prologue of the movie sees Major Grom in a chase of three bank robbers. Even though he catches them, he damages some property in his pursuit. Because of this, it results in him getting reprimanded. Meanwhile, Kiril Grechkin gets off the court after being accused of fatally hitting a girl. He was involved in the incident however, because of corruption and lack of evidence, he gets the free pass.

Who Is Sergei Razumovsky?

Sergei is an IT Millionaire and orphan who spent his childhood in the same orphanage as the girl who got killed by Grechkin. He along with his friend Oleg shows the disdain for court’s decision to let Grechkin leave.

Why Did Plague Doctor Appear?

After the court’s trial, a video surfaced on the internet in which a masked man appears calling himself Plague Doctor. He kills Grechkin and vows to eliminate all the bad apples of society. Sergei also watches the video and soon finds out Oleg is Plague Doctor who confesses to him.

Grom’s Search for Doctor

Grom starts an investigation to uncover the identity of this doctor. However, his investigation receives a halt when FSB officer Strelkov dismisses him from the case. Instead, he assigns him to the case of thievery along with trainee Dubin.

This however doesn’t stop him to stop pursuit a doctor. He along with Dubin continue the search and receive a tip from the informant. With Dubin’s deduction, they conclude that doctor can appear in the opening of a grand Casino and depart there to find him.

Major Grom: Ending Explained – Who Was Plague Doctor?

Plague Doctor doesn’t appear in the opening, instead, his followers arrive and start causing havoc. Sergei who is also present on the scene tries to calm them down and pursues them with money. FSB officers along with Grom manage to capture some of the culprits. However, because of this event, From ends up losing his job.

Again this too doesn’t stop Grom from his investigation. He collects some evidence that points towards Sergei and confronts him. When he reveals his suspicion to Sergei, he comes to understand that he was Doctor Plague, not Oleg. Oleg was the second personality he had created and the original Oleg had died in a war.

Major Grom: Ending Explained – Who Was Plague Doctor?

Was Doctor Plague Arrested?

Sergei asks his followers to kill anyone whom they consider to be evil. He tells Grom that this action will result in the elimination of all bad apples of society. Furthermore, troops will be stationed who will kill the followers of Plague Doctor who are just imitators. By doing this he will create a new society.

With the help of Dubin and Pchyolkina, Grom manages to capture Sergei. He understands that there are problems in the country, but he doesn’t want to solve them using violence. Sergei gets apprehended and goes to a medical facility where we see him talking to himself in mid-credit scene.

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