Mahmoud Storms Off ’90 Day’ Tell-All Amid Accusations He’s ‘Forcing’ Religion on a Crying Girl Nicole

Mahmoud Storms Off '90 Day' Tell-All Amid Accusations He's 'Forcing' Religion on a Crying Girl Nicole

Sunday night’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way featured Mahmoud Sherbiny losing his temper.

The Egyptian man stormed off set when Gabe Paboga questioned the motivations behind his Muslim faith, resulting in one of the most significant cultural clashes of this season’s TLC program. The discussion shifted to the notion of “forcing” religion on his wife, Nicole Sherbiny, and any prospective children they may have.

Transgender Gabe spoke from firsthand experience, mentioning that some members of his family are also Muslim. The distinction, he explained, was that children in Gabe’s family were not “forced” into a religion chosen by their parents. Not only in his marriage to Nicole but also with their prospective children, he questioned how Mahmoud would implement his beliefs.

Gabe stated, “He said, ‘I’ll let my child choose, but they’ll be Muslim regardless'” “It’s like — choose what?”

Mahmoud Storms Off '90 Day' Tell-All Amid Accusations He's 'Forcing' Religion on a Crying Girl Nicole

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The line of questioning infuriated Mahmoud, who stormed away yelling profanities.

Nicole left the studio set she shared with Gabe to FaceTime her long-distance husband. On the call with Nicole, Mahmoud said, “He is not permitted to discuss how my f—ing family will be.”

Then, Nicole broke down into sobbing. Mahmoud persisted to express his beliefs despite her encouragement. “F—ing makes me look bad, my country looks bad, and my religion looks bad,” said Mahmoud. Nicole replied with composure, “I want you to help them understand.”

To comfort his sobbing wife, Mahmoud consented to return to the film industry and attempted to reach a resolution with Gabe. He added that it is “not my business” how Gabe raises his own children, and it is “not his business” how Mahmoud raises his.

Gabe had previously voiced concerns about his relationship with Nicole, which he had no qualms about expressing to Nicole’s face. In the episode from last week, Gabe questioned her modesty, which has grown in light of Mahmoud’s beliefs. This time, Nicole chose to wear a one-sleeved dress, which Mahmoud acknowledged was not his choice. However, clothing has been a recurring source of contention for the couple.

Mahmoud returned to the screen to confront Gabe, and to everyone’s surprise, they all apologized. Nevertheless, Gabe rolled his eyes when Mahmoud stated that parents decide what religion to teach their children, as he appears to believe that religion, or lack thereof, should be a matter of personal choice later in life.

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