Mahesh Bhatt to take legal actions against Luviena Lodh over imitation allegations

The legal counsel of Vishesh Pictures have issued an announcement on behalf of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt. The announcement comes in response to a Instagram video published by celebrity Luviena Lodh. In the movie, she asserts that Bhatt was harassing her and her loved ones.

From the announcement, Bhatt has refuted all allegations together with showing that he plans to take legal actions against her for making such promises. The announcement reads,”In regards to movie published by one Lavina Lodhi. We, on behalf of the customer Mahesh Bhatt, refute the allegations. Such allegations aren’t simply untrue and defamatory but also have severe impacts in legislation. Our customer may take such actions with regard to law as suggested” The announcement was submitted on the Instagram accounts of Vishesh Films. Have a peek at the post under. &#13# &; 13# &; 13# &; 13; Luviena Lodh showcased from the 2010 launch Kajraare that was composed by Mahesh Bhatt and led by his own daughter Pooja Bhatt.

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