Madonna into co-write and lead her own biopic:”Who better to tell me?”

Madonna to co-write and direct her own biopic: "Who better to tell it than me?"

Madonna has demonstrated she’s co-writing that the”untold real story” of her career and life with Oscar-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody and will lead to the big screen biopic herself.

The job has been untitled, but Madonna seemingly let slide on social networking and named it to Tell.

Madonna said in a statement:”I need to express that the extraordinary journey that lifestyle has taken me as a artist, a performer, a dancer — a human being, attempting to make her way in this world. The focus of the movie will always be audio. Music has kept me moving and artwork has ever kept me alive.   There are several untold and inspirational stories and who better to tell me. It is crucial to split the roller-coaster ride of my entire life with my vision and voice.”

Shared Pictures will be funding the film, Juno author Cody co-writing the script together with Madonna, along with former Sony Pictures Entertainment seat Amy Pascal will create.

Hollywood veteran Pascal stated:”This film is a complete labor of love for me personally. I’ve understood Madonna because we left a League of Their own jointly, and that I can not imagine anything more exciting than tinkering with her Diablo about bringing her true-life narrative to the big display with Donna and our mates in Universal.”

Madonna’s career now spans four years and besides her standing as a worldwide music superstar, made with enormous albums like Like a Virgin and Just Like a Prayer, she’s expanded her profession in films, style, art and philanthropy.

As a performer she’s co-starred at Desperately Seeking Susan (1985), Dick Tracy (1990), Shadows and Fog (1991) A League of Their Own (1992) and Evita (1996) and she’s experience directing feature-length films, helming 2013’s W.E., regarding the affair between King Edward VIII and US divorcée Wallis Simpson.

The Hollywood Reporter indicated it was not uncommon for celebrities to be advisers on biopics — Elton John consulted 2018’s Rocketman, for instance — although it had been close special to get an musical artist to produce and guide their own biopic.

We shall occur after the casting of the lead character with much more than passing attention.

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