Macron visits flood-ravaged hills over French Riviera

Macron visits flood-ravaged mountains above French Riviera

SAINT-MARTIN-VESUBIE, France – A van clings to the border of a noodle ravine, pitched through an outstanding storm. A tattered French flag hangs away a tree uprooted by barbarous floods. Emergency medics treat wounded inhabitants within an brasserie converted into an area hospital.

With 12 deceased along with many others lost, France and Italy are still assessing damage and cleaning up after brutal rains that started Friday, coming from houses and unearthing bodies from cemeteries.

French President Emmanuel Macron is visiting the inland region close to the Mediterranean shore Wednesday, also promised government help to flood victims.

“The country won’t leave any of its lands, any one of its own children,” he explained in a Facebook place ahead of the excursion. “Together we’ll surmount this”

Still reeling times after, residents explained to The Associated Press that which they predicted the worst flood within their lifetimes.

From the village of Saint-Martin-Vesubie, puppies barked frantically since their owners muzzled them to board helicopters to the town of Nice. 1 guy delivered his family to safety while he remained behind to attempt to sort an insurance policy coverage, needing a reimbursement for the harm to his house.

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Residents gathered outside the city hall, hugging and trying to match each other. Someone establish a barbecue while people appeared to be evacuated, grilling sausages for your own group. Across the road, town brasserie is presently a field clinic and resting stage for rescuers and medics working in the region. Outside a single house, a van wrapped precariously on the edge of a pond.

At Breil-sur-Roya, somebody pitched a French tricolour flag by a bridge almost wiped off by the flooding, and then hung it on the remains of a tree felled by the storm. ) Mud caked everything — cars, dishes, walls and floors.

Four deaths are reported in France, also eight in Italy because the storm awakens France’s Alpes-Maritimes area and Italy’s mountainous areas of Liguria and Piedmont. The Alpes-Maritimes regional government said about 20 individuals were missing Wednesday.

The French prime minister stated over 900 rescuers, 500 police officers plus a few troops were included with the emergency procedure in the coastal area, which will be home to 12,000 inhabitants.

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