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MacOS 10.15 update with Advanced Siri features, new Apps interface for Music & TV connections

MacOS 10.15 update release

MacOS 10.15 update

During the summer, every year, Apple unveils the steps that the Cupertino tech giant would embark in the future. According to Apple, the next edition of macOS will show people ample of speculations concerning the cross-platform app, which first came with the macOS 10.14. By the looks of it, the forthcoming macOS will also come with cross-platform apps which handles the media files.

MacOS 10.15 update release date

The Worldwide Developers Conference or WWDC by Apple has a history of showcasing the next previews of upcoming OS updates. And this year the keynote of Apple is set for 3rd of June. People and experts across the world are expecting to see significant features of Apple’s new macOS. Moreover, Apple will choose another area from California and set it as the code name of the new OS, like always.

Since the dawn of MacBooks, the macOS release date is usually done in September 2019. During the September event, Apple also unveils its future iPhones, along with new hardware.

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MacOS 10.15 update features

Apple will finally split its iTunes app, which is giant and sluggish and looks after all media files in the devices powered by iOS and macOS. iTunes oversees the podcasts, music as well as ringtones in macOS. Previously, the speculations suggest that Apple will curate several standalone apps for Podcasts, Music & Books.

According to the sources, the new apps will have a resemblance to the iOS counterparts. The experts also predict that the Mac apps are going to port by simply utilizing a process called Marzipan. There is also a highly likely chance that macOS will bring Screen Time feature to the MacBooks.

MacOS 10.15 update SIRI shortcuts

A report came into being in the middle of April which said that Siri would come with shortcuts. The new Siri app will allow users to create different voice commands to perform simple everyday tasks.

Apple might add several other features or put the changes that it wants in the macOS. Only time will tell if the macOS will leave its conventional approach to attract buyers or not.

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