Lupin Season 2 ending explained – Did Assane Get His Revenge?

Lupin Season 2 ending explained
Lupin Season 2 ending explained

Netflix’s French TV series Lupin created by George Kay and Francois Uzan just concluded its second season with a resolution on the big plot of the series. In Lupin season 2 ending explained, Assane Diop achieves his longing goal of restoring the dignity of his father. He faced some illicit circumstances and had to suffer some losses but in the end, he gave it back to Pellegrini.

Hopefully, this is not the end of Lupin since fans have loved this fantastic series and will surely crave another series. But that’s a topic for another discussion. For the time being let’s look at Lupin season 2 ending explained.

Lupin Season 2 ending explained

Lupin Season 2 Plot

The story focuses on the character of Assane Diop who by profession is a gentleman thief. It is a story of Assane’s revenge for his father who was framed for a crime he didn’t commit. His father Bakaraki was a chauffer of Pellegrini family. He got framed for stealing a valuable necklace and was thrown into prison. Even though Pellegrini assured him that the sentence will get reduced.

He was instead killed a few days later by Leonard. Fast forward to the current timeline and Babaraki’s son has decided to take things into his own hands. He wants revenge for the ordeal his father suffered. How did he do that? Let’s find out in Lupin season 2 ending explained.

Did Raoul Survive?

Yes, Raoul indeed survived thanks to the efforts of Guedira. Leonard kidnapped Assane’s son Raoul to lure him. He even succeeded in doing so. However, the plan didn’t quite work but he was able to surprise Assane. The father thought his son died as he got taken into custody. But Guedira was fast on his feet and saved his son. However, that didn’t last long as the situation demanded him to drop Raoul right into Pellegrini.

The Plan For Revenge

It didn’t take long for Assane to grab Raoul out of Pellegrini’s den. How he composed a plan to plot his revenge. He romanticized with Pellegrini’s daughter and convinced her to tell her mother about his father’s framing. After Anne, her mother found out, she immediately rolled the truth to Guedira as Pellegrini got arrested.

THe Plan for Revenge

Lupin Season 2 ending explained – Did Assane Get His Revenge?

It didn’t take much time for Pellegrini to get out. Of course, he’s one of the big players in the city so it won’t be easy to accuse him of something. However, Assane had already made his moves. He made one of his men infiltrate Pellegrini’s den as a financial advisor.

Thanks to helping from him and Guedira, he collected various solid proofs that proved Pellegrini and Dumont’s crime. Seems like it was closure to Assane’s saga as he finally achieved his goal. However, there’s a chance that Pellegrini may come out of prison again.

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