Lunarian Race – What Are They? Where Did They Come From?

In One Piece chapter 1023 spoilers, we finally learned the name of King’s race. It is revealed that King belongs to the Lunarian race. We’ve been pondering about his origins ever since Big Mom presented a wish for having someone like King in her crew. Now that we know where he comes from, she would want him.

So King is one of the Lunarians, which means he’s from the moon. We also discovered an interesting fact that their people used to live on the top of the Red Line, way before Celestial Dragons.

Furthermore, they were referred to as God according to Whitebeard. So what is the significance of this race and how relevant it is to the story? Let us discuss.

Lunarian Race – What Are They? Where Did They Come From?
Lunarian Race – What Are They? Where Did They Come From?

Lunarian Race – What We Know So Far

Oda has been pretty explicit with the symbolism of the moon throughout the story. Just in the last chapter, we saw Inuarashi and Nekomamushi transform into their Sulong form in the full moon, so there’s that. We always knew this was coming, however, what makes it even interesting is how these people are known to be God

This raises a lot of questions. Firstly, if they were on the Red Line, why did they go extinct. In one of our blogs, we explained one of the possibilities. And with this information, it looks like that could be the case. What if they allied with the ancient kingdom for the fight against 20 nations and since they lost they were extinguished?

Lunarian Race – What Are They? Where Did They Come From?
Lunarian Race – What We Know So Far

Mention of Moon People

So we’ve seen the mention of people from the moon throughout the manga. First, it was Enel who went to the moon and the drawings indicated people having wings, just like King. After that, Clover from Ohara mentioned the same possibility.

Oda has been dropping hints throughout the story for this and Skypie probably has the biggest ties to this connection. They also possess wings but we haven’t seen mention of them being from the moon? Maybe they’re hybrids and don’t know about it.

In any case, one thing that we know is that they’re able to conjure fire, which we haven’t seen any Skypien’s do. There have been only two characters who have been able to do so and they’re devil fruit users. Oh, wait there’s one more and it’s Sanji.

Does Sanji Possess Lunarian Race Genes?

This one drop probably blew away half of the fandom. We all thought Sanji creating the fire was due to his burning passion.

But wait, it’s not normal for a person to create fire unless they’re Lunarian? We do know that Judge experimented on Sanji. What if he tried to inject the genes of Lunarian into Sanji?

Sanji also mentioned that he was feeling a bit odd after using the raid suit for the second time. It seems like his genes are starting to awaken after using the suit that was designed for him. Everything is now falling into place. Sanji can use fire, mention of Lunarian race, and odd feelings in his body. This is all culminating into something big.

Lunarian Race – What Are They? Where Did They Come From?
Does Sanji Possess Lunarian Genes?

Is King God?

If we go by Whitebeard’s words, King can be a God. But the term God in One Piece doesn’t carry just reputation. For instance, Celestial Dragons are termed as Gods but they’re vile and arrogant people. The same can be said for King from what we know so far.

In any case, King has remained quiet among the three all-stars and there can be a reason for it. As one of the last Lunarians, he may have some hidden purpose or agenda that we might find later on.

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