Luke Perry star 90210, Stroke and Death at 52 for Beverly Hills

Luke perry died

Stroke and Death at 52 for Beverly Hills, 90210 star Luke Perry

Luke Perry, star of the iconic 90s show, Beverly Hills, 90210 died following a massive stroke. Stroke is the fifth biggest reason for death in the United States. Though all age groups are susceptible to this, middle-aged people are at a higher risk. More than 795,000 individuals die each year in the United States alone. A massive stroke increases the chances of brain swelling. Even young people can be at equal risk due to swelling. This is because the brain stroke and swelling leave no space in the head to grow. This can cause a burst in the brain as there is no room to swell. The brain has not yet shrunk, unlike older patients.

Various Theories of Perry’s Death

There are various possibilities in Luke Perry’s case. As per various doctors, he could have had an Ischemic stroke which is a clot in brain nerves that obstructs the blood flow. This causes 87 % of deaths in strokes. Perry was reportedly in full consciousness after the stroke on Wednesday and could communicate with the paramedics.

He could have also had a hemorrhagic stroke, known to be much deadlier and is caused by the rupturing of an artery or brain leak. These can be cause by high blood pressure or aneurysms.

Luke perry died

Intense pressure in a stroke scenario creates pressure in the cranium after an ischemic stroke and can take 3 to 5 days to build up. Various options are available to doctors to remove this pressure – removing a part of the skull alleviates pressure, also helps in drying out the brain. A “scope type” of equipment is used to suck out excess liquid.

Luke Too Young to have a fatal stroke?

One in three Americans is looking at a stroke as a cause of death. Obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking and obesity along with stress are the main actors behind this.

Thus, no one is too young or too old to die from these diseases.

Luke Perry Career

Luke Perry had an illustrious career – part of the much famed 90210 main star cast which captured the imagination of all teenage and young people in the 1990s. He and his co-stars were on the covers all magazines and tv shows much to the delight of girls swooning over him. He later went on to a number of shows and movies with noticeable being CW series “Riverdale” that concluded recently.

Much remembrance and obituaries have been floating in the media owing to this phenomenon as a young star. “Young women are obviously lured by the guys-to-drool-over factor,” Caryn James wrote in The New York Times in August 1991. “Luke Perry and Jason Priestley, the actors who play Dylan and Brandon, are today’s favorite TV heartthrobs, their kissable photographs, clean-cut family backgrounds and list of wholesome hobbies flooding magazines for teenagers.”

At a time when much TV fare aimed at younger audiences was fairly tame, “Beverly Hills, 90210” mixed its romantic intrigues with serious themes, like teenage pregnancy and racism.

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