Luffy’s Next Voice Actor Revealed! Who Will Voice Luffy Next?

Luffy’s Next Voice Actor Revealed! Who Will Voice Luffy Next?
Luffy’s Next Voice Actor Revealed! Who Will Voice Luffy Next?

Mayumi Tanaka who is Luffy’s current voice actress from the anime show One Piece in a recent interview revealed some information about the character’s new voice actor. In an interview conducted by Asahi, the voice actress reveals that if she dies before the end of the series, she would want Masako Nozawa to voice the character.

Mayumi Tanaka who is 66 years old has been voicing the protagonist of One Piece Monkey D. Luffy ever since the show started back in 1999. She hasn’t missed a single episode and has remained consistent with her performance. However, she understands that old age is getting to her and it’s time to announce a new voice actress for the main character.

Luffy’s Next Voice Actor Revealed! Who Will Voice Luffy Next?
Luffy’s Next Voice Actor Revealed! Who Will Voice Luffy Next?

Who is Masako Nozawa?

Masako Nozawa who Mayumi Tanaka wants to become a new voice actress for Luffy is a legendary figure who has voiced legendary characters such as Son Goku and Doraemon. She has also worked in the cast of One Piece when she voiced the character of Dr. Kureha. Since Mayumi has worked with her previously, maybe that’s why she feels that Masako is a great choice.

However, as ironic as it is, Masako is close to 20 years older than Mayumi. So she shares the same age concerns or even more like Mayumi. We haven’t heard from her yet but since Mayumi has expressed her wish, we will likely receive a response from both Oda and Masako on this.

As for fans, they’re delighted to hear the news. Although they will miss Mayumi’s voice for Luffy if any unfortunate thing happens, Masako is a very suitable candidate to replace the voice of the protagonist since there is a lot of resembles. We hope that Miyami remains healthy till the time One Piece runs so that we get to enjoy Luffy in his original voice through and through.

What Else Did Mayumi Say?

In the interview, Mayumi also discussed how long she thinks One Piece will run. Here’s a brief excerpt from her interview.

“I expect the anime to end in 7-8 years. I don’t know the ending of the story either, so I want to keep on living until the final episode of the series. If I’m going to die on the way, I’m going to ask someone who knows the story ending, saying, “Tell me what happens at the end. I’m gonna die now” (laughs).

By the way, regarding the One Piece treasure “One Piece” that will be revealed at the end, I expected it to be “friends” or “bonds” or something conceptual like that. However, Oda said to me, “It’s not like that. There is a One Piece treasure” I’m looking forward to the end of what it is like.”

Many fans speculate that One Piece manga may end in the next 5 years, so the 7-8 years mark for anime seems like a fair number. However, we can never be sure about One Piece as Oda has made many speculations in the past, but they never came true. Hopefully, One Piece runs for a few more years and gives fans a satisfying conclusion to the story.

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