Luffy’s Devil Fruit Name Revealed – One Piece Chapter 1044 Discussion

Luffy's Devil Fruit Name Revealed
Luffy's Devil Fruit Name Revealed

The leaks for One Piece chapter 1044 are out now and it has caused quite a commotion among the One Piece community. Whatever everyone was speculating has come to no use since Oda has once again thrown a curveball. He has once again shown why he’s truly called Goda.

In the latest revelation from the raw scan, we have learned the real name of Luffy’s Devil fruit. Yes, it isn’t Gomu Gomu no ki and Shanks was protecting it for quite an important reason. This just goes on to show Oda’s planning as he planted this seed back in the very first chapter.

Luffy’s Devil Fruit Name Revealed

Luffy’s Devil Fruit Name Revealed – What is It?

The real name of Luffy’s devil fruit is Hito Hito No Mi: Model – Nika. Yes, it’s a Zoan type mythical creature devil fruit which is even rarer than the Logia fruit. There was always speculation among the community for Luffy’s fruit being a Zoan fruit, however, no one anticipated to be model Nika.

From the last few chapters, we have been hearing some stuff from people about Luffy’s devil fruit. First, it was Who’s Who who revealed that he was protecting a devil fruit under the orders of the World Government, however, Shanks stole it and he had to run away from the government.

Later on, we heard Gorosei talking about a certain devil fruit that hasn’t been awakened in years. Not only that, but they had even hidden it is the real name for some reason. It all boils down to one simple thing, Luffy is a special person and his devil fruit is an indication of it.

What is Luffy’s Devil Fruit Capable of?

From what we’ve learned so far, it’s model Nika and there isn’t much information about this mythical creature. So far, we have been introduced to 7 users of Mythical Zoan devil fruit which include Sengoku, Marco, Kaido, Yamato, Orochi, Katrina Devon, and Onimaru. Luffy will become only the 8th person to possess the power of such devil fruit.

Originally, the fruit has the properties of rubber. It can stretch, absorb impacts, and can do various other things that rubber can do. When it was introduced, it was labeled as Paramecia type Devil Fruit. However, the latest revelation has certainly changed that perspective.

This is now a Zoan type devil fruit with the spirit of Nika. It seems like this is a free spirit that likes to do everything freely. It probably means it can stretch freely and do anything it likes. However, there still isn’t clear information and we expect to learn more in the next few chapters.

Luffy’s Devil Fruit Name Revealed

What Does it Mean for Story?

It probably means that we will probably no longer hear Luffy saying Gomu Gomu no before his attacks unless he doesn’t realize that the name of his devil fruit is different. It again raises a question about Shanks, did he know about the true identity of this devil fruit?

Shanks has been a quite mysterious entity in One Piece despite being the first major support character introduced in the series. While he certainly believes firmly in Luffy, some of his actions and connections are questionable.

Many have already labeled him as a snitch of the World Government after his meeting with Gorosei. However, his real connection is still unclear. There’s another question of whether he willingly gave away the fruit to Luffy, fully knowing what was going to happen? We will get answers to all our questions soon.

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